Leon from Chicago, Illinois

With help making a down payment I can get a used car and work as a driver.

I lost my car in an accident out of my control. I was a medical transport driver for 3 years; with help I'll be able to get a used car & work again!


I am a 52- year-old medical transportation driver and I have to use my personal vehicle for work. I took my vehicle to a transmission shop for a repair. In the process of making the repair, the shop drove my car and got into an accident totaling the vehicle. Because I was still making payments on the car, the insurance money went to the finance company and now I am without a vehicle and I have no money to put down for a new one.

My goals are to stay employed and continue to support and take care of my family. In order to do this I need a car to maintain my employment as my work is driving clients to their medical appointments.

I need help to make a down payment on a used vehicle. I have found a car dealership with very affordable down payment options . I have been able to save $500 to put towards the down payment. I need $1200 total for a down payment on the car have found.

Meeting this need will help me because getting the car will ensure that I am able to maintain my job and support my family. I have had this job for three years and I love helping people who are not able to get around on their own and showing them kindness and respect. If I can get this car, I will be able to keep doing the work that I love.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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Validated by Chantal from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

Leon is a participant in Inspiration Corporation's housing program. Leon is one of our most independant and hardworking participants. No sacrifice is too much for Leon when it comes to taking care of his family. Since joining the program in 2015 Leon has met many of his goals including purchasing a car on his own and finding a job he loves. It was a big blow to him when the company he enlisted to repair his car damaged it beyond repair. Leon is still finding ways to work while trying to save for a new car. His dedication, persistence and reasourcefulness help him overcome any obstacles that he encounters. This assistance would be a great help for Leon in being able to keep the job that has been a huge source of stability for him and his family.

About Chantal

As a Housing Retention Specialist at Inspiration Corporation, my main goal is to work closely with currently or formerly homeless Participants in our Permanent Housing Programs to obtain and maintain their housing. I am fairly new to this work, I started at Inspiration Corporation in July! But I… Read more

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