Taron from Brooklyn, New York

Striving to build a life for myself. With libraries closed, I need a laptop.

I've made mistakes and I want to do better; with a laptop, I can build resumes, apply for jobs, and learn online. It will be a lifesaver.


I am a 19 year old who is trying to make a significant change in my life. I learned from my mistakes and have improved to be the person I want to be in life and avoid any more trouble during the COVID-19 pandemic so I can help my mother and myself.

My goals are to find suitable employment and to make my mother proud by completing High School or a GED program.

I need a laptop, so that I can find more suitable employment by making and editing a resume, job searches, and video calls for employment due to COVID-19 social distancing rules.

Meeting this need will help me because I can make it easier for myself to look for work, to go to school online and do research into careers I would consider pursuing in life. Because libraries are closed due to COVID-19, I cant use their computers to assist me with my needs.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by POT Moreno from NYC Department of Probation

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POT Moreno


Validated by POT Moreno from NYC Department of Probation (What does this mean?)

My name is PO Moreno from the NYC Department of Probation and i have known Taron for 6 months. I have supervised Taron while on Probation. Taron has shown major improvement within himself and has improved his relationship with his mother. Taron has been complying with my directives and has also contacted me for assistance in employment or just to have a conversation about anything. Taron is a great person who I do believe will achieve any goal in his life.

About POT Moreno

My name is PO Moreno and i been with the NYC Department of Probation for more than a year . My main goal is to help my client in making changes with their lives and prevent them from recidivism. Engaging with my clients is the best part of this job and shows that I build a bond with them.