Luis from Chicago, IL

Eye exam and glasses to help me see at work

I work as a night-time taxi driver. I need an eye exam and eye glasses to help me see better when I am working and be able to drive better at night.


Luis' comments after getting glasses: Feb 20, 2012

Hello, my name is Luis and I would like to give thanks to Benevolent for having given me the great assistance to get my eyes examined, and for the glasses that you have given me.  And also you should know how pleased I am with my glasses.  But most importantly, I want to convey how this has given me so much happiness in my life.  With these words, I send thanks to all the people who helped me get these services and I salute them.  And to all the people who I need to thank one more time, I am so happy!Luis

Maria's update when Luis received his glasses: Feb 16, 2012

Dear Benevolent People:

I  would like to express my gratitude for the help provided to Luis. It felt very good to see how happy he was when he got to have his first eye exam. When he put on his glasses he said "Wow now I can see details and shapes like never before". He feels more confident now and for that I am grateful.

Thank you.

Luis trying on glasses Jan 23, 2012


I am a driver for a taxi company and I work at night. I need an eye exam and I need glasses to be able to have better vision at night, so I can follow directions to find a location.

Not having enough money is a big problem. I rent the taxi I drive and pay the company owner which leaves little money for me.  I have borrowed the GED study books from the library and I am studying so I can take my GED exam soon. When I am in the taxi and I do not have a client, I grab a book and start reading.  

After I've been reading for five minutes, my eyes get red and start tearing up. And after dark when I am driving my taxi my eyes get really red and tired and my left eye starts twitching. I cannot read letters far away. I have never gotten an eye exam because I could not afford it.

When I am driving at night I cannot read the client's name and phone number when it is sent to me on the small computer in my taxi, and I get very frustrated. When I am driving, especially at night, I cannot see the addresses of the houses I am trying to find. The only way I know that I have reached the  right house is because my GPS tells me and then I get out of the taxi to check the number to make sure it's the right one. I went to a community health center but I could not get the eye exam and glasses because I am not diabetic. I have never gotten an eye exam, so I don’t know how long I have had this problem.

I am working as a taxi driver in a taxi company and average 40 to 50 hours a week. Despite this I am facing a lot of problems financially. I would like to work more but sometimes I don't have people to drive around so I don't get paid. I was thinking of going to school but I am working the night shift and sleeping during the day. I want to go back to school to learn English and computer skills. I live at home with my wife, who is six months pregnant, and an eleven year old son. I have two children from a previous marriage and they live with their mother. I think I could get a better job if I could speak English and had computer skills.

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This need has been validated by Maria from Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4)

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Validated by Maria from Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4) (What does this mean?)

Luis has attended parenting classes since April 2010 and he has participated in the program three times.  He is a taxi driver and needs glasses to perform his job better and at the moment he has no money to pay for that.  He works the night shift and while driving he cannot see clearly. I’m really happy to help him, because he has demonstrated that he wants to be a better father and is currently attending parenting classes.


About Maria

My name is Maria Andrino-Perez. I have been working for Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4) for 10 years as a Parent Educator/Home Visitor. Working in the Parenting Program gives me the opportunity to work with the community and I have been able to provide support and teach parenting… Read more

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