Shirley from Chicago, IL

I'm a security guard but I don't have healthcare. I need new glasses so I can get a promotion!

I'm dead set on getting a promotion to full-time but I need glasses. Along with my hard work and attention to detail, It'll make me the top candidate.


I need glasses so I can do my job more effectively. This includes enough funding to get an exam and a pair of glasses.

I work as a security guard and not having glasses means that it's hard for me to see security badges from far away, and to read what people write when they sign in. Getting prescription glasses means that I will actually be able to do my job more effectively.

Meeting this need will help me because I am dead set on getting a promotion to full-time. Eyesight is probably the most important of the senses in my line of work, both for accuracy and for customer service. I want to be the top candidate for a full-time position when it comes around, and in combination with my hard work, and attention to detail, glasses will really help.

My current situation is that in the last year I have moved out of a shelter and secured employment. I'm working 2-3 days a week at a wonderful hospital but I don't have insurance to help me with a new pair of glasses since my old ones broke and are beyond repair. I live alone and pay all of my expenses and do not have enough left over for glasses.

By now I know my life is a marathon, and not a sprint, and I'm in it for the long run. It feels great to be working again after years of unemployment and I can't wait to move up in my company. I'm happiest when I'm working as hard as I can.

I'm from Chicago. I have 3 grown children who live in Chicago and Las Vegas. Whenever I get to see my grandchildren I'm overflowing with joy. I'm most proud of the successes of my children and grandchildren.

Something interesting about me is my sense of humor.

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Validated by Julie from The Cara Program (What does this mean?)

We met when Shirley started at The Cara Program in July of 2011. She was a job search student until November 2012, so I worked with her prior to employment, and we meet for coaching monthly since she started her job.

I think meeting this need is important because it's simply important for her vision to be strong in order to do her job well. She has never used her trouble seeing as an excuse to not do a good job, so I can't imagine how well she will do when she can actually see!

Shirley held on for a really long time at our tough program until she found a job. She protects the hospital as if it were her child. I'm in awe of her determination when the going gets tough, and I can't wait to see her career really take off.

About Julie

I'm the Manager of Supportive Services at The Cara Program. I started at Cara as an Individual Development Specialist, which is a lot like a job coach, and I now manage the retention team that makes sure our students don't just get the job, but they stay in it for a full year. I fell in love with… Read more