Mary from Freetown, Sierra Leone

Single mother struggling to get by; with equipment I can start a second business.

I'm working as a housemaid & barely getting by. I'm illiterate, so my prospects are limited; with coolers/a freezer, I can work selling cold drinks.


I am an illiterate single mother who never went to school. This has excluded me from decent-paying jobs and severely limited my access to income-earning opportunities. I am currently a housemaid earning very little - barely enough to get by.

My goal is to start a small business selling refreshing cold drinks and cold water. Because of the hot and humid weather, there is a high demand for cold drinks. People involved in this business in my community make a decent profit.

I need help with purchasing a deep freezer, 2 large coolers / ice-chests, and other accessories needed to start selling cold drinks.

Meeting this need will enable me to start a business and make a huge difference in my life. With this second source of income, I will be able to feed and better take care of my special needs daughter.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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Validated by Sylvester from Develop Africa (What does this mean?)

We have known Mary for over a decade and can attest to the fact that her passion for her children is very strong. She is always seeking ways and means to make her children comfortable and happy.

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