Khaled from Chicago, Illinois

I've overcome homlessness & found stability; I want to reconnect to my family.

W/ a bus ticket and lodging I can attend my family reunion. After 20 years of estrangement, I want to find closure & end a painful chapter of my life.


I am an elderly, disabled person; I was formerly homeless and am now living independently. I am intelligent, patient, and sensitive- especially to the needs of others. I help other elderly and disabled people in my community by going to their homes and helping with their basic needs like cooking, laundry, and going to the store. Recently I had a health scare- I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was able to beat the cancer this time, but the symptoms can return. This experience made me miss my family very much. I would like to get in contact with my family; I have been estranged from them for over 20 years.

My goals are to reconnect with my family and introduce myself to the newest generation of nieces and nephews. When I was experiencing homelessness I felt alone, I felt scared, and I did not know whether or how I was going to survive. I did not know where my next meal was coming from, or where I was going to sleep. I was in a really bad place at that time and it was made worse by my mental health disabilities. I want my family to know why I became estranged from them, but also that now I have a better outlook on life, I have a positive attitude about things, and I'm doing just fine. I also feel it's important for me to know the younger generation because families nowadays are often gone to the wind. To know your heritage, where you're coming from, is a gift to young people. For them to know me and for me to know them will give them a sense of history, knowing their past to get to their future.

I need help with a bus ticket and lodging to get to my family reunion in Homestead, Florida.

Meeting this need will help me because once I get in contact with my family again it will help me find closure on a painful chapter in my life that has been festering in me for so long. Facing the fear of my family's resentment and rejection has been holding me back. Once I know how they feel towards me, I will finally have the closure I need to be able to peacefully get on with my life and continue my work in the community.

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Validated by Emily from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

Khaled has been in Inspiration Corporation's housing program since 2008. In that time he successfully transitioned out of homelessness and has remained stably housed and continues to be an outstanding tenant and program participant. One area Khaled struggles in is finding fullfilling, meaningful relationships. Though Khaled has a generous heart and freely shares anything he has with the members of his community, the absence of his family hangs heavy over all he has accomplished for himself so far. We have worked together to explore how the current relationships in his life bring him meaning and purpose, but Khaled still feels that nothing can replace family. Additionally, not knowing how his family feels towards him now is a also a source of saddness for Khaled. Creating an opportunity for exploring and nurturing these lost familial relations will empower Khaled to continue focusing on his health and housing goals.

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I am a Housing Retention Specialist for Inspiration Corporation. My job includes providing case management and services for individuals that have exited homelessness. Some of the services I assist with are enhancing life skills, providing referrals, and seeking out resources. The most important… Read more