Michael from Chicago, IL

Help me pay off a bill that's holding me back from building up my credit score!

I am trying to pay off a bill that was put in my name by a family member. This outstanding debt is affecting my credit score and holding me back.


I am a 25-year-old single man who has been on dialysis since age 14. I have been in a housing program since 2019 and maintained my housing very successfully.

My current goal is to get into a security training program and then ultimately get a job in the field of security. I am currently working with an Employment Navigator at my housing agency to get enrolled into a security training program to meet my goals.

I am trying to pay off an old Comcast bill that was put in my name by a family member. I am unable to have Wi-Fi or cable due to this outstanding bill. I am also trying to build up my credit score so that I can move to a safe area in Chicago but most of the apartments require a higher credit score than what I currently have.

This bill is currently in collections and it is holding me back from building up my credit and finding a new apartment. Having this bill paid off will help me move into a safer area in the city.

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I have been working with this participant for two years as his Housing Case Manager. Since working together, the participant and I have worked on many housing and personal goals. The participant has a very strong sense of responsibility to his family and has helped raise his siblings over the past few years and helped them get out of a difficult situation. He did this while still attending dialysis 3x/week and work on and off. The participant currently lives in a neighborhood with a lot of crime and we have been looking for units together in a safer area of the city. However, due to the Comcast bill and medical bills in collection, his credit score is very low and he has been denied units due to this. The participant and I have been working diligently to verify his insurance for the medical bills in collections and submit his insurance verification to the collections agencies to get the bills off his report. The only bill we cannot get off his report is this Comcast bill.

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