Nahal from San Diego, CA

Help me afford driving lessons so I can obtain a full time job!

It has been difficult for me to find full-time employment and save money to go to school without learning how to drive.


I am a 22-year-old torture survivor from Afghanistan now living in the United States. I have been adjusting to life in the US, but it's been difficult without a full-time job. I have been looking for a full-time job but there is no public transportation near me and the jobs available near me are limited without a driver's license. I'm currently working a part-time job position, but it doesn't provide me with enough hours or money to save up for driving lessons.

My goals are to get my driver's license so I can have more job opportunities near me. I plan to find employment once I have a drivers license. After I find employment, I also plan to save money earned from my job to enroll in school and improve my English proficiency and study physiotherapy as this is what I had studied while I lived in Afghanistan.

It has been difficult for me to find full-time employment and save money to go to school without learning how to drive. I cannot afford driving lessons on my own and the lack of public transportation near me has made it difficult to find full-time jobs that I can do.

Learning how to drive will increase my opportunities for full-time employment near me. It will also finally allow me to save money to attend school and finish my education. I will be able to achieve my goals and adjust to my new life and home in the US.

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I met Nahal through Survivors of Torture International, which is an organization aimed at helping survivors of politically motivated torture from around the world receive the services needed to heal from the trauma and adjust to their new lives in the US. Nahal is a resilient and bright young woman who has done the necessary steps needed to find herself a part-time job and afford basic necessities, but she has been limited in what jobs she can obtain without a driver's license. She has the determination, drive, and plan needed to move forward, but this barrier has prevented her from achieving her next steps.

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