Skylar from Chicago, IL

Help me obtain school supplies to take the state board and continue my career!

School supplies were stolen from my car that are needed to take the state board and continue my career.


Hello My name is Tyra I am a mom of 3 and a full time student in Chicago Illinois. I enjoy art, learning, and putting a smile on others faces. I plan to do those things by finishing school and entering the beauty industry.

My goal is to open a beauty salon for all different types of cosmetic services including facials, hair care, and even nail care! In order to accomplish my goals I need the support of others like you.

There is a worldwide crisis where Kia’s are being stolen and mines was stolen as well. Everything I owned for school was taken and the car was empty when I found it. In order for me to finish school I would need the necessary supplies to take the state board and continue my career. The supplies for my career are very expensive. I need at least $400 to replace them. Please donate whatever you can. Thank You !

These donations towards purchasing my school supplies will help me get back on track with school and help me to prepare to take the state board exam. With out these supplies, I cannot finish my classes in school.

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I have been working with Skylar as her case manager for a year and Skylar has been a pleasure to work with. She is very determined and enthusiastic about her goals and works very hard to stay focused. Throughout the unfortunate events that has happened surrounding her car, Skylar remained steadfast in coming up with ways to continue being productive.

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