Jay from Chicago, IL

I am a father training for a new career; I need welding equipment to find employment

I'm in the process of becoming a certified welder so I can provide for my daughter. Equipment and union fees will help me find and maintain a new job.


An update from Jay: Dec 12, 2013

Currently, I am still attending the welding training program at JARC. I have recently tested for the American Welding Society (AWS) credential and I hope to pass, the results are pending. I also have received my OSHA, National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) MMS credential and my forklift license. I've also started training in TIG welding. I've started going on interviews and will be going on more after the holidays so any assistance with this welding gear would be much appreciated. This gear will really help me feel more prepared for the interviews.


I need welding equipment to find employment. This includes welding jacket, auto welding helmet, welding sleeves, welding gloves, safety glasses, clamps, steel-toed boots and union application fees.

My goal is to use this equipment to help me get employment, and when employed, help me maintain and become better at my job. Meeting this need will help because it will help me be properly prepared for interviews and when I become employed.

Right now, I am not working and it's hard on my daughter and me. I am being trained to become a certified welder. I will need my own equipment for employment and for interviewing. Right now it's hard times and it's hard to come up with the money for welding equipment.

I'm from Chicago, IL and I live on the Southeast side in the Bronzeville Neighborhood. I have one daughter and she is the love of my life! I'm happiest when I'm in the presence of my daughter. I'm most proud of being accepted into the JARC welding program! I am a fast learner and work hard at anything I do. I'm proud of my mother for always being there for me. Something interesting about me is I love any type of music that is good music.

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This need has been validated by Emily from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Validated by Emily from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

I met Jay when I had gone out into the community and done a presentation on Jane Addams Resource Corporation and our manufacturing training. Jay had extra motivation and followed through on each step to get into the program! I think meeting this need is important because Jay is currently unemployed and this would help him get the needed welding equipment for his new career path. This would also benefit his family in the long run by assisting to provide a stable career path.

About Emily

My job title is Employment Services Manager. I have been at Jane Addams Resource Corporation since June 2010. My work involves preparing JARC's Manufacturing Program trainees for work by assisting with resume and cover letter writing, mock interviews and other work readiness barriers. What I like… Read more

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