Brittany from Chicago, IL

I finally hit my stride and got my own apartment; I need sheets & cooking utensils to keep moving

I need a bed and sheet set and pots and pans for my new SRO unit! Meeting this need will help me get my savings back up to what it was.


Brittany's received her pots, pans, sheets, and curtains! Dec 17, 2013

Brittany tells us:

Thank you to Benevolent! I am now able to make real dinners for myself again, I have brand new curtains, and my bed is more comfy with a new comforter. Thank you and bless you.

Here's a picture Brittany sent us of her pots and pans on the stove:


My goal is to live in this apartment and get my savings back up to what it was.  If I could get some assistance on some basics, I could put that money back into my account for a rainy day.

This includes a set of sheets, a basic comforter, and a small pots & pans set for my new kitchen in my studio apartment.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be comfortable to sleep on a new pair of sheets, and not on the sheets from a thrift store or from a shelter for the first time in years.  I would also like to cook at home more so that I can save additional money and not have to eat out. 

My current situation is I used a great deal of my savings on getting my deposit and first month's rent ready for my new place.  I specifically chose a place that was furnished so that I could get as comfortable in my house as soon as possible.  However, I could use new sheets and some basic cooking supplies in the meantime.

I'm from Portageville, Missouri, and I live on the west side of Chicago.  Something interesting about me is I like going to church and am an usher at my church.  I'm happiest when I wake up to another day.  I am grateful to be alive.  I'm most proud of who I am today and how I turned my life around.  I have five adult children, aged between 19-38.

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Validated by Lauren from The Cara Program (What does this mean?)

We met when Brittany began working with me as her Individual Development Specialist back in September of 2012. She has been working for a local transportation company since June 2013 and gets consistent praise from her supervisor!

I think meeting this need is important because Brittany showed her ability to save and make huge steps in her life by getting into this apartment of her very own, and she's a small amount away from getting what we all deem to be necessities.

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