Darnell from Detroit, MI

I am back on my feet after homelessness; I need furniture to make my new home a place of rest

My medical condition causes pain in my back & legs. I need furniture so I can sit properly at home and relieve my pain. Then I'll be rested for work.


Thank You from Tanya - Validator Jan 6, 2014

Thank you so much! Darnell is going to be so happy. The Benevolent organization is such a wonderfull blessing to those in need.


I love my new place, but not having furniture does not help with my medical condition and actually makes being home very difficult because my options for sitting are very limited and force me to bend down further than my body appreciates.  As a result, standing up is often difficult as well when coming from a very low position.

I need furniture and basic appliances.  This includes a couch, microwave, and dining room table.  Meeting this need will help me because it will help relieve pain when transitioning from room to room and home and transitioning to work.  Relief from pain while at home will help me when I am at work because at least my body will get a break at some point during the day.

My goal is to continue working so that I can get a raise and transition to full-time employment.  This will allow me to continue providing for myself.

My current situation is that I transitioned out of homelessness within the past two years.  I have my own place and a job which is helpful in sustaining my life.  I also have a medical condition that causes great pain in my back and legs.  My ailment has prevented me from taking on a full time job not to mention causes me to miss work on occasion.  I would appreciate any help that I can get.

I'm from the Motor City - Detroit, and I live in Southwest Detroit.  I'm most proud of my abstinence. Something interesting about me is how I am making it through the support of housing program.  I'm happiest when around friends.

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Validated by Tanya from Coalition On Temporary Shelter (What does this mean?)

I met Darnell when he was assigned to my caseload when he entered the program in August 2012. Darnell does not have any furniture. Darnell is in need of furniture, especially a couch. He has great difficulty getting from a sitting position on the floor, to a standing position. Darnell's many health problems makes getting from a sitting to a standing position difficult.

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