Joy from Chicago, IL

I'm fighting to get back on my feet and I need a coat and boots to move past Chicago's winter

Right now I only have a light jacket. I know that having a winter coat and boots will help keep me healthy and motivated to keep moving forward.


Some words of gratitude from Joy: Nov 15, 2013

I am very happy. Thank you for helping me to be able to get a warm winter coat and boots. I am looking forward to getting them and wearing them this winter. Thank you so much for being so kind and generous.


I need waterproof winter boots and a winter coat to get me through the Chicago winter. Right now I don't have the money to get a coat or boots. All I have is a light fleece jacket and gym shoes.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to get through the winter. It will help motivate me to get outside even in the cold and prevent me from getting sick. I have poor circulation so I tend to get cold easily.

My goal is to secure housing and SSDI and go back to school. I would like to learn more about computers and information technology.

My current situation is I am trying to get myself back on my feet. I had problems with my landlord and had to move out of my apartment in November 2012. Then I moved to a new apartment but it was in a dangerous area. Since then, I have been moving around to different shelters. I lost my SSDI but I am trying to get it back. I suffer from arthritis and anxiety and depression.

I'm from Chicago. I live in a shelter but am trying to get into traditional housing.

I'm most proud that I'm doing much better.

Something interesting about me is that I like art and helping people. I'm happiest when I am around my grandchildren or singing.

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This need has been validated by Allison from LIFT-Chicago

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Validated by Allison from LIFT-Chicago (What does this mean?)

Joy has been coming to LIFT regularly since July 2013. She has been working on maintaining stable housing, acquiring health insurance, and reapplying for SSDI. She suffers from depression and arthritis.

I think meeting this need is important because Joy is still working on getting back on her feet, and winter is approaching fast and daunting to her. With a warm winter coat and boots, I think she will feel motivated to go outside and continue running errands, going back to school, and searching for housing.

Joy is a pleasure to work with. Since we started working with her, she has gone from being homeless to staying in a shelter that is providing her with counseling support, computer access, and helping her find transitional housing. It sounds like she is feeling positive that things are turning around for her. She wants to eventually go back to school and take computer classes.

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My job title is Site Coordinator/AmeriCorps Member. I have been in this position since July 2012.My work involves training volunteers, mostly whom are college students, to work one-on-one with low-income community members to help them find jobs, housing, and other resources. At the same time… Read more