Shay from Chicago, IL

I'm a self-supporting student; I need a laptop/printer to graduate high school & succeed in college

I receive no financial support from my family. My goal is to graduate high school & attend college next year! A laptop & printer will help me succeed.


I need a laptop and a printer. Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to graduate from high school. It will help me to further my educational success in college, which I plan to start in 2014. 

My goal is to graduate high school. I have online classes, and sometimes I go to the library to do my work, but this has made my progress in school much slower. This would help me feel like nothing could hold me back from attending college!

My current situation is I am an independent student, with no financial support from my family, and I can't afford a laptop and printer for school. 

I'm from Chicago and I live with my sister and niece.

I'm most proud of my determination. Something interesting about me is that I want to be a choreographer and I'm happiest when I'm eating Chinese food.

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This need has been validated by Rebecca from Alternatives, Inc.

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Validated by Rebecca from Alternatives, Inc. (What does this mean?)

We met when Shay was 14 years old and having relationship problems with her adoptive mother.

I think meeting this need is important because Shay is on her own. Her mother has been clear that she does not believe that Shay will graduate from school and attend college. Shay is motivated and self-determined to prove her mother wrong. There are times that she gets discouraged. Receiving a laptop would allow Shay to obtain her high school degree and then it can be used for her college courses in the fall. She plans to attend Columbia College to become a choreographer.

It is important that Shay knows that there are people who will support her in achieving her goals. Just because she does not have her mother's support, her school and I see her potential.

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