Lisa from Evanston, IL

I am a working single mom; I need beds and mattresses for my twins

I'm a single hard-working parent. My twins, boy & girl, are getting bigger by the second & need sturdy beds to sleep safely, comfortably & separately.


I need twin beds and mattresses for my children.  This includes a sturdy, long-lasting bed frame and mattress for each of my children.  Meeting this need will help me because it would mean the world to me.  My children deserve to grow in their own space and sleep comfortably.  My goal is to make my children happy and provide them things I didn't have.  Having their own beds will give them a sense of independence. 

My current situation is I am a single, hard-working parent who lives alone!  My children are getting bigger by the second.  My son is still sleeping in a crib and my daughter currently sleeps in the bed with me. Many nights, my son and daughter both wake up.  I have found that my son wakes up and comes and joins us in our bed, so I just allow my children to have the bed and I just sleep on the floor. At this time I am unable to provide them with beds.  As they grow this makes me sad daily. 

I'm from Evanston, and I live in Skokie.  I have 2 children, boy and girl two year old twins.  They are the joy of my life. I feel that they are my biggest accomplishment. I am a single parent too, and so I strive to be the best I can for them. I'm most proud of my children and I'm happiest when I come home after work to my children.

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This need has been validated by Sizzy from Childcare Network of Evanston

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Validated by Sizzy from Childcare Network of Evanston (What does this mean?)

We met when Lisa's children first enrolled in our Home-based care program about 2 years ago.  I see the twins every Wednesday in one of our Home daycare programs. 

I think meeting this need is important because Lisa's children will not be able to have comfortable sleeping arrangements without comfortable age appropriate beds.  Lisa said that her son is still sleeping in a crib and that he climbs out all the time.  She went on saying that she has been sharing a twin bed with her daughter.  Lisa went on saying that she feels uncomfortable for her children not having stable sleeping arrangements, and therefore she would like for Benevolent to help her with two twin beds. 

Lisa is a hard working single mother.  She also volunteers on our policy council.  She has put her children's needs first.

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