Mitchell from Chicago, IL

I'm a dad newly housed after 5 yrs of homelessness; I need the basics to further my self-sufficiency

Now that I have a safe place to live, I can start working towards my goals: education & employment. I need furniture & kitchenware to move forward.


Benevolent just received an update on Mitchell! Jan 30, 2014

From Abby, Mitchell's validator:

I just spoke to Mitchell and he received his final package today. With the Benevolent funding he was able to purchase a futon, nightstand, coffee maker, alarm clock, set of pots and pans, and miscellaneous cleaning products. He wanted me to pass along the following message: "Thanks a lot! You've helped me in so many ways. I hope other people in similar situations as me are able to get the help they need through Benevolent."


I need furniture & kitchen items. This includes a futon, pots & pans, dishes, and silverware.

Meeting this need will help me because I want to become self sufficient. My goal is to get my GED and then attend a trade school so I can get a good job. Now that I have a safe place to stay at night I can start studying and working towards these goals.

Also, being able to relax in my apartment and cook balanced meals will help me have better health. I don't have the ability to cook much in my apartment right now. If my need was funded, I would be able to begin cooking meals and would be able to relax in my new space.

I am a hard worker and very dependable. I want to become self sufficient so I can better take care of my daughters.

My current situation is that I was homeless and very sick for 5 years. I recently got into a housing program and moved into my new apartment. The program provided me with the basics - I just need a few additional things so I have somewhere to sit and also have the tools in order to cook a good meal! I really love my new apartment. It is so clean. I'm so glad to be off the streets before the Chicago winter!

I'm from Chicago. 

I was homeless, but recently moved into a new apartment by myself. I'm most proud of my new apartment. I can't wait to have my kids over to visit. I have two twin daughters. They are about to turn three years old. 

I'm happiest when I'm around my kids and something interesting about me is that I have a good heart. 

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Mitchell fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Abby from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Validated by Abby from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center (What does this mean?)

I met Mitchell when he came to the social service center in need of food and clothing. During his appointment he indicated that he was interested in case management. Soon after that I began working with Mitchell connecting him to both housing and health related services. He has been homeless for several years and just moved into his new apartment on November 1st!

I think meeting this need is important because Mitchell has come a very long way in the past few months. Managing his health while living on the streets was very difficult. Now that he has stable housing he'll be able to maintain his health and begin studying for his GED. He needs a few items for his apartment so he can cook healthy meals and be able to focus on his studies!

Mitchell cares so much about his children. Meeting this need will help Mitchell become self sufficient so he can not only care for himself but also study for the GED so he can advance his career and be able to provide more for his children.

About Abby

My work as Associate Director involves helping individuals on their path toward self-sufficiency through the coordination of case management and supportive services. I enjoy working closely with individuals toward goal setting and achievement. Watching people's lives change because of resource… Read more