Nikki from Detroit, MI

Moving into a beautiful home after shelter life. A washer & dryer would make it complete.

My children & I were displaced from our home and are starting over. I need a washer & dryer to re-establish my home for my children's security.


An update from Nikki's validator Sep 4, 2014

Nikki's validator reports that Nikki and her family are in a much better place now. The support from all the Benevolent donors really helped her get settled into her new home. I am so grateful for this resource and caring people to help my clients. Thank you.


My goal is to re-establish my home for my children's security.  I have the opportunity to move into a beautiful home.  The children are all in school full-time and we will need a washer and dryer to maintain clean clothing. 

This includes a washer, dryer, sales tax, and delivery fee.   This will provide the necessary cleanliness my family needs.  This will be a great burden lifted.  The children will be proud to be able to walk out of the door with everything perfectly in order.

I am exiting COTS' emergency shelter.  I have been displaced from my home with 7 of my children.  We have lost everything and now starting over.  We have been approved for a beautiful home. I am trying to accumulate back some of the things I lost.  I will need a washer and dryer to keep clean clothing for my children.

I am from and live in the City of Detroit.  I stand strong and tall no matter what the situation.  I have seven children, 4 girls and 3 boys, all in school.  Two of my children are adults.  I enjoy watching them learn and grow.  I'm happiest when my children are secure.  I am most proud of my family. 

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Validated by Celia from Coalition On Temporary Shelter (What does this mean?)

I met Nikki about a month ago as a COTS shelter guest. Nikki and her 7 children were abruptly displaced from their home and lost everything. I am now her new case planner for the permanent supportive housing program. Nikki now has a beautiful new home for her family. She has many major health challenges and is in need of a washer and dryer to maintain the children's uniforms and other daily laundry needs. It will be impossible for Nikki to maintain her laundry due to her health without having a washer and dryer available.

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