Marshall from Oakland, CA

I just arrived from Afghanistan and I need a laptop for my studies and to find employment

I was a Doctor back in Afghanistan. Now I need to find work here and enroll in certification courses to work in the medical field here.


A Thank You from the IRC Dec 17, 2013

Marshal's validator, Samantha, sent us this note:

Marshal and the IRC staff were more then surprised when we found out that Marshal's need had been funded Monday morning! He was also shocked and overwhelmed with how quickly his need was funded. This has definitely brightened up his outlook on pursuing employment and further down the line continuing with his studies. We want to thank all of the donors who helped make his need come true, this means so much to Marshal and his wife and they are both overwhelmed by the generosity. We would like to say happy holidays to all and thank you for the support!

Thank You From Marshall Dec 16, 2013

"I feel very very good! I cannot believe my need was funded so fast! Thank you so much to all of my donors, this means so much to me at this time. This was a great surprise for me and my wife!"

"This is now giving me an amazing jumpstart towards my goals of employment and furthering my studies. Thank you for all the support, I am still in disbelief that this happened so fast. Many prayers of thanks for you all and your families!"


I need a laptop so I can continue my studies and look for employment. Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to apply and research job openings as well as work on my resume from home.

My wife and I would share this, as she would also like to stay in contact with family that we have back in Afghanistan as well as family members who live in America. My ultimate goal is to find work, having a laptop accessible would help many things.

My current situation is that my wife and I have been in the U.S. now two weeks. We are excited to start our new life and recognize that there will be plenty of challenges along the way, but we are thankful nonetheless. I am in the process of searching for work.

My goal is to become employed. I know I am not able to work as a Doctor now, but I would like to take the steps that I need towards survival in these next few years, and hopefully at the same time enroll in a U.S. certification program that will help me continue with my life dream of helping others. A computer will be one essential thing I can use to find jobs and to research programs.

I'm from Afghanistan and now I live with my wife in Oakland. Something interesting about me is I speak four languages: English,Urdu, Dari and Pashtu. I'm happiest when I am with my family and when learning new things. I'm most proud of becoming a Doctor back home; my best accomplishment.

My wife and I do not have any children now, but once we comfortably settle in to our new lives in the US we plan on growing our family.

I want to find work as fast as I can to provide for my family. Once we get back on our feet I know in some years I can continue my career as a Doctor in America. I am very thankful for all of the opportunities and help we are being given.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Marshall fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Samantha from International Rescue Committee (Nor-Cal, Oakland)

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Validated by Samantha from International Rescue Committee (Nor-Cal, Oakland) (What does this mean?)

We met about two weeks ago when he and his wife arrived at our Oakland office. I think meeting this need is important because Marshall is very passionate about making life for his wife and their future family good.

He would like a laptop so he can jumpstart any employment opportunities on his own. This would help his family out greatly as they are trying to adapt to their new life.

Marshall has surprised me and other IRC staff with his perseverance in such a short time. Hearing his stories and Marshall recognizing the struggles to come but seeing his optimism, is truly inspiring.

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