Michele from Detroit, MI

A washer & dryer will allow me to better balance my duties as a student and a mom

A new washer and dryer will help my family save money, time and restore balance in our household while I attend school.


Michele has a new job! Sep 22, 2014

Wytrice, Michele's validator from Total Life Christian Ministries, sent us an amazing update!

She says, "Thanks so much for helping Michele. Because of you she was able to have enough time to study and be at the top of her class at Focus Hope AND was referred to a job making $15 an hour! She started 2 weeks ago and is now in a program that is working hard to get her transportation! Thanks to all who gave toward this need and has helped to move Michele's life forward!"

Michele wanted to say "Thanks to all who helped!" Aug 4, 2014

She says, "Thank you so much for helping us get a washer and dryer. Now that I have them, it saves me time and money. My children and I are very grateful you all helped us receive our new washer and dryer! Thanks to Benevolent and all who helped make it happen!"


I am a wife and mother of eight (seven at home) and love helping out in the community. I'm working very hard to reach my goals and to be a good example for my children. Although, it's not easy, I am determined to overcome all my barriers so my children can be inspired.

My goal is to get financially stable. I realize education is my number one asset to becoming stable and I am currently in a Machine Engineering course at Focus Hope working to gain a certificate that will allow me the opportunity at gainful employment. I am number one in my class currently and have received many accolades for being dependable and timely despite the fact that I take the bus from Hamtramck to the west side of Detroit everyday to go to school. My dream is to begin work in the engineering field and to return to school to work on a degree in Architectural Engineering.

It has been difficult continuing my education and balancing my domestic duties at home. Recently my washer and dryer stopped working and I have no way to wash and dry our clothes except by hand. Unfortunately my husband is currently unemployed and has had great difficulty finding a job although he is avidly looking. A washer and dryer is just not something we can afford and sometimes it is also not affordable for us to go the laundromat. It is not easy trying to get clothes washed by hand for a family of nine with little space to hang them.

Meeting this need will help my family have clean and presentable clothing on a daily basis and save me time because I will not have to wash clothes by hand. This extra time can be spent studying and taking care of other domestic duties and spending time with my family. It will also alleviate stress from my life and my family's.

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This need has been validated by Wytrice from Total Life Christian Ministries, Inc.

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Validated by Wytrice from Total Life Christian Ministries, Inc. (What does this mean?)

Michele and I first met over ten years ago when she visited our church with one of our members. She was the co-worker of the member at the time and enjoyed our services so much that she continued to attend and eventually became a member. I see Michele at least 2-3 times weekly as she is very active in our membership. Meeting this need for Michele is essential to helping her improve the quality of her life. She is a brilliant woman with lots of potential but unfortunately has been hit hard by life and has had some struggles she's had to overcome. She is an excellent mother who struggles to keep some of her children's basics needs met in the midst of a trying economic time for her and her family. A washer and dryer would help to alleviate some of her day to day duties and give her peace of mind as a mother. Michele has a beautiful spirit and a giving heart. Even in her extreme need she is a giver and active supporter of others. She serves often at our community lunch where we serve at least 200 people weekly with hot food. She also serves as the leader of our prayer team and has a huge heart and concern for others. She's an awesome mother as well and doing an awesome job raising her children even in the face of difficulties.

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