LaTanya from Chicago, IL

My family recently suffered a tragedy – I need to relocate my family for us to move forward

Doctors say it's a miracle my daughter is alive (not to mention mentally intact)! To continue healing & moving forward, we must move to a safer place.


I need funding for moving & movers. This includes picking up the items from a storage unit in the city and moving the items to a Chicago suburb.

Meeting this need will help me and my family to create a new home and a new life, and allow us to move forward positively despite the drastic changes we have experienced.

My goal is to keep my daughter safe and happy, and help her raise her children. I want to provide a happy and peaceful home for all of us. I am amazed by my daughter's attitude and resilience through all of this. I am confident that this move will allow us to move forward as a family and continue her miraculous, positive progress.

Some months ago, my daughter was shot in the temple and the doctors have since told us that it is a miracle she is alive at all. She lost her sight, but her hearing, cognitive abilities, and personality is amazingly intact. She has been unbelievably strong through two surgeries, rehab, and reclaiming her life as a mother (she has two children) and young woman. However, this situation has spelled out a clear need for our family to move to a safer, more peaceful part of the city. Although she has her good days and bad days, she is doing exceptionally well, according to family, friends, and all her doctors.

I have one daughter and one son. My daughter and her well-being, as well as the well-being of her children, is my reason for being on Benevolent. I'm most proud of the way my daughter is handling the recent extremely difficult adjustments to her life. 

I'm from Chicago, IL. Right now, I live with my sister. 

Something different about me is that I tend to be a patient person in a busy, rushing world. I'm happiest when I know that I have my family close and when I have a job.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Natalie from LIFT-Chicago

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Validated by Natalie from LIFT-Chicago (What does this mean?)

We met in early January when LaTanya did a walk-in appointment at our office and I began to understand her story and recent family tragedy.

Myself and all of us at LIFT think meeting this need is important because it will allow LaTanya and her family to start over in a safe and family-oriented community that will nurture her daughter and grandchildren, and provide opportunities and quality of life that they may not have had otherwise.

LaTanya's patience, amiable nature, and very positive attitude make her an ideal recipient for any donations. She is a joy to be around and will definitely use any help to the fullest extent.

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