Star from Detroit, MI

Taking classes to become a licensed builder. Need help paying for exam & prep class

Meeting this need will help me pay for my licensing class and exam which will allow me to become a licensed builder in the State of Michigan.


Star's journey to success is about to take off! Apr 17, 2014

"I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw the message that my need had got funded. The feeling that came over me - the feeling of joy and excitement, knowing that my future is about to get a bit brighter and my journey to success is about to take off.

Thank you all for the help and support that you've provided!"


Hi my name is Star and I'm from Detroit. Something interesting about me is that I am a free-spirited individual that loves loving. I'm happiest when I awake everyday and am most proud of the progress I am making to make change in my life to be a successful young African American entrepreneur. I am a very outgoing, outspoken and articulate individual that is- self motivated and one that loves adventuring new ideas and expanding my horizon on all levels of life. I have three - ages 11, 7 and 5. They are my little bundles of joy. Just the site of them brings joy to my soul. They are all special to me in their own way. I can't explain in words the way I feel for my children but to say that my love for them is everlasting.

My goal is to become a licensed builder in the State of Michigan and become my own boss. To do this I need to complete my classes at The Detroit Training Center which is a partner of Young Detroit Builders, to get my certificate of completion and take the State of Michigan licensure exam. Achieving these things will help me become a successful young women in the construction field and open up doors for other woman to get in the industry. I'd like to get my new career started shortly after I pass the state exam.

I need help paying for the state licensing exam and the prep class at Detroit Training Center.

My current situation is I am a trained nursing assistant and was injured on the job which caused my unemployment. In searching for an avenue to be my own boss, I found the Detroit Training Center. I'm currently taking a course that is providing me with the knowledge and skills required to successfully pass the required exam for licensure as a State of Michigan Residential Builder. At the end of the course I will be provided with a certificate which is needed to register for the exam. I, however, am unable to come up with the additional money it costs to take the state Residential Builders licensure exam and for the classroom fee due to my limited income.

Need funded!

Thank you for helping Star fund this need.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Marcus from Young Detroit Builders

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Validated by Marcus from Young Detroit Builders (What does this mean?)

Star and I met early in 2014, after she wanted to learn new skills that would allow her to rebuild her community.

I think meeting this need is important because she has so much potential to make a difference in the lives of her own children, and serve as a role model for many young women who decide to pursue alternative careers like construction. Her persistence and dedication to making a difference here in Detroit will help her advance her career because Detroit is the best setting for this type of work.

Star has been dedicated to the classes and very attentive to learning how to become a home builder. She is a great person, and her positive energy is something we need here in the city of Detroit.

About Marcus

I am the Director at Detroit Training Center which is a partner of Young Detroit Builders. My work involves helping train and re-skill the local workforce in the areas of construction, heavy equipment, landscaping and facility maintenance. We provide vocational training and workforce development,… Read more

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