Rae from Inkster, MI

I had to abruptly move after a bedbug invasion. I need a couch + dining furniture.

I need assistance with purchasing a dining room table set and a couch. We recently moved due to an infestation of bed bugs in our apartment complex.


Rae's family is dining together again Jul 24, 2014

Rae and Chanel, her validator, sent thank you cards to acknowledge all those that supported her in getting a new dining table and furniture. We've snapped photos of each card for you to view.


I am a single mother of 3 girls, ages 6, 7, and 12 years old. I am currently working part-time and have been employed in my current position for 4 years. Initially I was a Head Start parent participating in my children's education and when the opportunity for employment and advancement was presented, I acted. I'm also an active volunteer in my community participating in literacy projects, and assisting with childcare if needed. Additionally, I am currently working towards completing my Child Development Associate to advance my career as well.

My goals are to complete my CDA so I will be able to become employed full-time and attend nursing school in the fall part-time in efforts to reach my future goal of becoming an LPN and working my way up to becoming a Pediatric RN, all while raising my 3 beautiful daughters to become smart, independent, successful young ladies.

I need assistance with purchasing a dining room table set and a couch. We recently moved due to an infestation of bed bugs in our apartment complex, in which I had to throw our furniture away.

Meeting this need will help me because I will be able to assist my girls with homework at the dining room table as well as be able to eat dinner together as a family. This will allow us to spend quality time together discussing our day, the daily challenges we may have encountered at work, school and home and make plans to overcome these challenges and any other barriers.

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Validated by Chanel from Starfish Family Services (What does this mean?)

I have known Rae for a number of years. She first came to receive services from Starfish years ago as a Head Start parent. Rae was an active parent in the Head Start program, joining Policy Council and attending various agency events. Rae became a familiar face and soon found work as a part-time employee. Although she is no longer a Head Start parent, she remains an active participant in many of our programs. Rae has been a dedicated parent and hard worker, it would be awesome to see her receive this help.

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My job title is Income Support Coordinator. I have been in this position for a year and a half.My work involves goal setting, advocacy and resource referral in which I connect clients to resources many of which are centered around meeting the basic needs of the family.What I like about my job is… Read more