Ken from Chicago, IL

Studying for a career in manufacturing. I need gear to get a job & support my family.

This gear is crucial for me to start my manufacturing career, make changes for my family and, ultimately, give my kids the opportunities they deserve.


Ken has his work gear! Jul 29, 2014

Lida at Jane Addams Resource Corporation says:

"Ken looks great in his new boots and he now has a cell phone card to be able to contact and be contacted by employers!"

Ken wanted to say "Thank you!" Jul 25, 2014

He says, "I want to thank everyone - to Benevolent and to all my supporters - for helping me fulfill my goals. I really appreciate all the supporters and what you have done for me."

Ken is on the fast track! Jul 22, 2014

Lida, Ken's validator from JARC, wanted to reach out with the following update on Ken's progress in JARC's manufacturing program. After evaluating his employment needs further, they've decided to also use Ken's Benevolent funding to purchase a working phone. Lida tells us:

"Ken has nearly completed the CNC Fast Track Program at JARC. He has demonstrated his ability to learn quickly, his attendance and punctuality have been great, and he has a good attitude. JARC is ready to send out his resume to our employer partners, however Ken does not have access to a working phone. His wife works a job making minimum wage and they have two children- her salary is simply not enough to pay for their expenses. I am confident that Ken will find employment but if he does not have a working number for potential employers to call him on, we will not be able to get him that job he needs. The Benevolent money will be better spent on a phone so we can connect him with employers."


I am a father of two children working towards bettering myself and my future. I came from a job that didn't support me trying to pursue further education, I was living paycheck to paycheck, and had to take out loans to pay my bills and buy diapers. I joined the JARC CNC program to get a career in manufacturing and make changes for me and my family.

I am happiest when I am able to provide for the needs of my family. My goals is to succeed in this manufacturing program and get a job with a career path. I want my kids to have a better opportunity than what I had and I hope to move to a safer neighborhood where my kids can play outside.

I need a pair of steel toed boots and a metrology kit. Most manufacturing companies will not allow you to even interview without steel toed boots and a metrology kit will show employers I am serious about a career in manufacturing.

Meeting this need will give me a start towards achieving my goals. With a career in manufacturing, eventually I will make enough money to provide a safer home for my family and pay my bills on time.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Emily from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Validated by Emily from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

Ken heard about our program through his brother, who successfully completed our program and now has a job working in manufacturing. Seeing his brother go from almost homeless to employed making a good hourly wage with benefits pushed Ken to apply for our program. Ken started a couple months ago and has done extremely well in the program thus far. He has already gained a couple industry credentials and is picking things up very quickly in the program. I think this program will positively affect Ken just as it did with his brother. I hope you are able to help him move towards his goals.

About Emily

My job title is Employment Services Manager. I have been at Jane Addams Resource Corporation since June 2010. My work involves preparing JARC's Manufacturing Program trainees for work by assisting with resume and cover letter writing, mock interviews and other work readiness barriers. What I like… Read more