Jean from Chicago, IL

Contact lenses so I can become a nurse

I do have glasses but because I have astigmatism everything's blurry. If I had contacts I would be able to see for school and work and for driving.


Jean's message when her need was funded: Jun 20, 2012

I'd really like to thank you and all the people that made this happen. Benevolent has an awesome team, keep bringing under privileged familes closer to the goals.  Sincerely yours, Jean


I have astigmatism – glasses don’t allow for clarity of sight when reading and driving.

If I had contacts it would help move me forward because I will be able to see and complete my school work efficiently. I need contacts for school. I can't see well enough to do the homework or drive. I do have glasses but I can't use them in the evening or see the board clear. With the contacts, that's why they're so expensive, because I have astigmatism. By being directly on my pupil, everything's clearer, whereas with the glasses everything's kind of blurry.

I have no health insurance.  I found out I need them in a mobile clinic where you have to get a referral. To get contacts I need to take an eye exam to update my prescription from 2 years ago, and then obtain contacts.

I am a single parent of 3 children.  I am motivated to be a nurse by my aunt who is a director of medical sites  with a nursing degree.  I'm in school to get the same nursing degree now.  I have problems with my sight, and found out I have astigmatism and need contacts.  Glasses will not help my particular problem because of the type of astigmatism I have.  I currently have no health insurance.

I have 3 children.  My daughter who is 22 found low-income housing in Iowa and lives there; my other kids are 19 and 16 year old boys and live with me here in Chicago.  Neither of them is working.  Through the CARA program, I worked for the CTA cleaning trains.  I completed my whole 9 month internship but then, unfortunately they couldn’t hire me as planned because it was during a time when they were making major cuts. I started back to school in 2010.  After being out of school for a long time, I finally went back to school for nursing.

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Validated by Tasha from Claretian (What does this mean?)

I have known Jean for 2 years.  Jean is a single mother of 3 who has had some challenges and has made some changes in her life.  She has a kind heart and is looking to use the compassionate empathy she has by applying it to a career in the nursing field. Her eyes are not good and glasses don’t correct the challenges she has with her eyes.  The doctor has told her that glasses can not correct her problem as well as contacts will. It’s much easier to get glasses donated but contacts are much harder.  She is a new grandmother and has no income at this time so needs help in being able to see to accomplish her education goals.  I am proud to help her because she is trying very hard to move forward in her life.

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