Ruth from Charlotte, NC

Working hard towards financial independence. A phone will help to expand my business.

Staying in touch with my supporters & processing payments by phone will allow me to support myself and help me as I work towards permanent housing.


I am a vendor at Speak Up magazine, which is a street magazine in Charlotte, NC. The magazine helps homeless and vulnerably housed people to form their own micro-business as magazine vendors. I have used my opportunity as a Speak Up vendor to capture other opportunities, like my job at a local farmers market.

My goals are to attain financial independence and housing. I also seek to be able to take care of myself and stay healthy.

I'm working hard to stabilize my income & need to accept credit cards to increase sales. In order to do this, I need a smart phone. The provider I use is called Republic Wireless, and their most affordable phone is the Moto G. This would allow me to stay in touch with my network of supporters and to accept credit card payments for my magazine sales.

Meeting this need will help me because increasing my Speak Up sales would allow me to raise the funds to find housing and pay rent, as well as allowing me to take better care of my health.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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Validated by Matt from Speak Up Magazine (What does this mean?)

Out of all of our vendors, Ruth Hseih has been with Speak Up the longest. She is a great and responsible vendor. She is a wonderful part of Speak Up's history and family, and she has made countless connections in the community.

About Matt

I am the Executive Director of Speak Up Magazine, and have been since June 2009. I oversee the development of a "street magazine" that gives a voice to people on the streets, and coordinate the homeless vendor program, in which homeless individuals sell the magazine and earn money. I also… Read more