Rilo from Chicago, IL

Found a job, but need help paying driver's license fees to get started.

I need to pay a reinstatement fee to the DMV and then apply for a new driver's license. These fees are the last step to a steady, reliable job!


I'm an individual trying to get my driver's license so that I can expand my employment opportunities. I have gone through Inspiration Corporation's Employment Preparation Training and am now working on achieving my career goals.

My long term goal is to work in a permanent position as a delivery driver, preferably with a vending machine company. I would like to work in a steady, reliable position rather than working many short-term, part-time jobs.

I need to pay a reinstatement fee to the DMV and then apply for a new driver's license. This would allow me to deliver food for a restaurant or work for a truck rental company. Both companies have told me I would be hired if I had my license.

Meeting this need will help me because it will be the start of my long term goal. It will allow to drive again.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Jason from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

I have been working with Rilo on his career and personal goals. In thistime he has moved into his own apartment and he's worked various side jobs. Now he's looking for steady employment and has an opportunity he could take advantage of if he could drive again.

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I'm a Career Specialist at Inspiration Corporation. I provide career services (resumes, cover letters, interview practice, etc) to Chicagoans experiencing homeless or living in poverty. Seeing the results, big and small, of participants' hard work at achieving their goals is a rich, life changing… Read more