Legacy from Inkster, MI

I'm ready to get my CNA certification and start working & supporting my family.

I had to quit my job as a CNA when my child was diagnosed with autism. Now that she's getting the care she needs, I'm ready to work & support my family.


I am a 27 year old mother of two little girls ready to go back to school for my Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) license so I can better support my family.

My goals are to obtain my CNA license, provide for my family, and save up for my nursing degree. It has been my dream to help others and I love being a part of the medical field.

I need the financial support to pay for my CNA class and licensing exam. The course is 7 weeks long Monday through Friday and would prepare me to successfully complete the exam. I previously was a CNA, but quit my job when my eldest daughter was diagnosed with Autism. I needed to be available to take her to appointments and get her the services she needs. She is now 9-years-old, doing so well, and I want to get back to work.

Meeting this need will help me because it will not only help provide for my family financially, making us more stable and secure, but it will be another step forward in making my dream of being a nurse a reality.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Jessica from Starfish Family Services

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Validated by Jessica from Starfish Family Services (What does this mean?)

I have been working with Legacy and her family for almost a year. I am constantly amazed at her commitment to being a wonderful mother and furthering herself professionally and personally. Legacy is one of the most driven, ambitious woman I have had the pleasure of meeting and I know that if given the opportunity she will do amazing things. She gives everything she has for her children, and this help would not only help support Legacy gain employment, but it would provide her with an opportunity to take another step closer to her goal of becoming a nurse.

About Jessica

I am in Infant Mental Health Therapist with Starfish Family Services. A core piece of my work aims to help mothers and their children overcome oppression and remive barriers that stand in the way of creating a safe and secure life.

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