Daryl from Inkster, MI

Forced to move bc landlord in foreclosure; Deposit will secure a home for me & my son

I'm a full-time student trying to finish my degree to support my son. A deposit is the last step to ensure a safe home for my family.


Daryl's in his new home! Feb 23, 2015

We've just received an update on Daryl: he's in his new home. Trisha explains that he was able to buy a house in the city auction but the house needed a furnace. Benevolent funds were used to purchase a furnace for the new house.


I 'm a single dad of a 10-year old boy. I have had full custody of my son for almost 2 year nows. I'm a full-time student with only one semester left before obtaining my Associate's Degree in Architecture. We have to move out of our home due to the landlord not paying taxes and now the house is going up for auction in October.

My goals are obtain permanent housing for myself and my son and to obtain my college degree in order to start my career.

I need assistance with a rental deposit to get into a new home. I have found two homes that have affordable rent and are in a good neighborhood but I don't have the deposit that is required to get in. Right now our only income is my son's SSDI until I graduate and find employment.

Meeting this need will help me because my son and I need a safe, stable home to live in. My son has been through many changes in the past few years and I really want him to feel safe and secure in his own home.

Need funded!

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Trisha from Starfish Family Services

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Validated by Trisha from Starfish Family Services (What does this mean?)

I have worked with Daryl and his son for 4 months as their case manager at Lifespan Clinical Services. I am helping them reach their goals regarding housing, budgeting, and education. Finding out about the house going up for auction was a big surprise to the family and they were not expecting to have this expense. I would really like to see the family get a house because this will relieve some of the family's stress and allow them to focus on achieving their other goals.

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I am a Case Manager for Lifespan Clinical Services through the agency Starfish Family Services. Previously I worked for Starfish in the Head Start program. Currently my work involves working with adolescents with a mental health diagnosis and their families. I assist the family in achieving their… Read more