Peaches from Detroit, MI

I'm a single mom in need of beds for my children to excel!

I'm committed to rebuilding my career and these beds will get my kids off the floor and give me peace of mind! We're ready to move forward.


I am a single mother of 8 children. I recently stopped working to care for my father. Once he passed away, I lost the passion for nursing and I have been struggling with finding another job.

My goal is to finish school so that I can have a career and make a better way for me and my children. I'm good in the nursing field, but I want to be behind the scenes.

I need beds for 3 of my children.

Meeting this need would take a heavy burden off of me. I wouldn't have to see them on the floor.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Constance from Homes for Black Children

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Validated by Constance from Homes for Black Children (What does this mean?)

I know Peaches as a result of her participation in our Family Resiliency Program here at Homes for Black Children. Our program has assisted her with resources to address some of her concerns, such as employment. Peaches has taken the initiative in doing her part in following through with the information that we have provided her. Being able to get assistance with beds for her children would be greatly appreciated.

About Constance

I am a Family Resiliency Coordinator. I have been working at Homes for Black Children for three years. My job is to strengthen families through addressing the challenges that they face while highlighting their strengths. What motivates me is seeing that people can be empowered and experience a… Read more