Samantha from Evanston, IL

Bed for my growing daughter

My daughter is almost three and still sleeping in a crib. I would like to get her a twin bed, which will be used as she continues to grow.


From Jennifer: Jun 1, 2012

Samantha has finally gotten it all! She doesn’t have the bed assembled yet though. She may wait until they move to their new place in July.

Jennifer's statement on hearing Samantha's need is funded: Mar 21, 2012

I am so happy that Samantha’s need has been met!!!  I thank all the donors for helping a two year old get her own bed. Now she can have a comfy night’s sleep. This also relieves  stress from Samantha, now she has money for the other things her daughter and family need. I am very excited to go shopping with Samantha to allow her to have the power to pick out a bed for her daughter. I will take a picture when the bed arrives and make sure it gets posted to the Benevolent website.  Many thanks for your donation and generous heart!

Samantha's statement on hearing her need is funded: Mar 21, 2012

I want to say thank you so much for helping me get a new bed for my daughter I know she will love it may the lord give you a lot of blessings thank you so much


I want my family to have a good home. My husband and I share a one-bedroom where my daughter also sleeps. Now that she is growing, she needs a bed she can sleep comfortably in that will last us awhile. 

I just want to be the best mom I can be. This is part of my goal for independence, so that I can do things myself and take care of my daughter. When I got my first apartment with my daughter, I felt like celebrating to show other people, "I can do this."

My long-term goal is to become a nurse. I like helping people and I hope one day I can take my knowledge and skills back to my own country to help there. 

I cannot pay for a bed. I am on financial aid for school and have to also pay rent, food, and other expenses. I wish I could have a couch, I need to fix my car, and I can't buy my daughter the things she wants, but I hope that I can give her a good bed to sleep in.

I came to the United States from Uganda when I was 15 to live with my mother who was already over here. I have been living on my own for close to two years, raising my daughter, going to school for nursing, and working full-time. My husband and I are now moving into a new apartment together with my daughter so that we can be a family. 

When my daughter sleeps at night, she rolls around and hits her head on the crib because she is too big for it. But with paying for school and basic expenses, we cannot afford a new bed. 

This is part of being the best mother I can be to my daughter. I want make sure she is safe and develops well.

I am currently a Visiting Angel. I go to houses of elderly people and do work for them. I have been doing this for 2 years. 

I was living in Uganda with my father and stepmother, until my mother wanted my siblings and I to come to the US. I was living with my mother, sisters, and brother until I got a job and began living on my own. Now we all have places of our own.  

My daughter and I live in an apartment that we have had for 6 months. My husband will be joining us when he is done student teaching. We will have been married a year in August. My husband is nice and he met me when my daughter was one. I was scared to have someone strange near my daughter. I grew up with my stepmom and I didn't want my daughter to have someone treating her badly. But we are doing well. 

Right now, I am in school to be a nurse at a hospital. I like helping people. I hope one day I can go back to my country and help there.

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Validated by Jennifer from Childcare Network of Evanston (What does this mean?)

I have known Samantha for 2 years. I met her when her daughter started childcare at one of the Early Head Start daycares. I have been working closely with Samantha ever since. Samantha really needs a bed for her daughter. Right now she is sleeping in a crib and she is constantly bumping her head because she has out grown it. If Samantha has a twin bed for her daughter she will be able to focus on saving money to purchase other necessities such as food, dressers, couches, etc. This twin bed will last her daughter forever! Samantha will be happy to know her daughter is sleeping comfortably at night. I am so proud of Samantha and everything she has accomplished in the past two years. A goal of our program is for the parents to be independent when they leave our program and Samantha has definitely succeeded!!!

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