Beverly from Chicago, IL

My daughter and I are in a new apartment. We need furnishings to make it a home.

We were homeless & living with family, but now we're in a home of our own. We have nothing, so we need items like kitchenware, lamps, and bedding.


Beverly & her daughter have furnished their home! Feb 24, 2015

Laurel tells us that Beverly's received her home items and "was so excited and grateful! This will mean greater comfort and stability for Beverly and her 14 year old daughter. She was bubbling over with joy."


I was recently blessed with Section 8 housing after being homeless with my daughter for several years. We just moved into an apartment but currently have nothing.

My goals are to go back to school and gain a bachelors degree to work as a paralegal and to gain employment in this field. I also am working to provide a stable household for myself and my daughter and help her achieve at her highest potential. My youngest daughter is a straight A student and will soon be entering high school. I want to continue to help motivate and support her to go to college and be an example.

Cooking ware and dishes will allow us to cook meals and become more self-sufficient. Sheets, comforters and pillows will allow us to get a good night’s sleep and be more energized so both I and my daughter can continue to work to pursue our goals. Any funding will help us as we transition to this new point in life. Other household items like lamps and rugs will help us make our new apartment into a true home while curtains will help cover my windows and keep out the cold air during the Chicago winter.

Meeting this need will allow me to more fully transition into my new living arrangement with my daughter and make it sustainable. This will enable us to have a stable household and feel both mentally and physically more secure.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Laurel from Inspiration Corporation (What does this mean?)

I have known Beverly through the Employment Project here at Inspiration Corporation. She has shown a great drive to advance and reach her goals through her participation in our intensive 4-week job readiness workshop and through engaging with the career specialists in our program. I was struck by her wonderful positive energy and her goal focused attitude. It was wonderful to see her excitement upon receiving housing and I feel honored to assist in this step to turning her apartment into a true home. It would be so great to see Beverly gain the needed support to settle into her new apartment at this new stage in life.

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In September 2014 I began working at Inspiration Corporation as a resources specialist as part of my year of service through AVODAH the Jewish service corps. I am motivated by the collaborative atmosphere here where both participants of Inspiration Corporation and my coworkers work together to help… Read more