Marie from Chicago, IL

I'm working full time to provide for my son. I need to fix the heat in my car.

I don't make enough to be able to fix my car's heat. It doesn't work at all and I need to keep my son from getting sick in Chicago's cold winter.


Marie wanted to send this update: "Got my car fixed!" Mar 26, 2015

Thank you! I'm very grateful for your donations and we're warm and happy!


I am a single mother who works full time and overtime to provide for my son and I. I currently have an older car, with no working heat. Living in Chicago, not having heat is an extreme emergency.

My goals are to secure a position which allows me to more comfortably provide for my child and his needs. I'm also looking to return to school to obtain a degree for myself and be an inspiration for my son.

My son has really bad asthma, which becomes extremely problematic, when coupled with the common cold, or flu. I felt so terrible last winter, because he stayed sick, and I believe it was us driving in the freezing car, or having to take the bus, because the car was so cold. Even after being vaccinated, he had influenza. On the worst day of his illness his fever spiked to 106 degrees. My car was too cold to transport him to the ER, and I had to call the ambulance.

There is no greater fear for a parent, than not being able to efficiently care for, nurture and protect their child. Unfortunately, public transportation isn't so safe in Chicago, and I'd be so grateful to have assistance repairing the heat in my car, to get to work, take my son back and forth to school and doctor's appointments if needed.

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This need has been validated by Paloma from Chicago Children's Advocacy Center

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Validated by Paloma from Chicago Children's Advocacy Center (What does this mean?)

Marie was referred to me by her son's therapist a few weeks ago. She and I will be working on employment, housing and finding therapy services for herself. Marie is such a hard worker and very committed to her son's health and well-being. When she told me the heat in her car was not working, I knew we had to do anything possible to get that fixed now that winter is here. This will be such a great help to the family in order to prevent Marie's son from constantly getting sick.

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My job title is Bilingual Intensive Case Manager. I have been working here for almost 4 years. My work involves providing comprehensive case management services to child victims of sexual abuse and their families. My goal is to assist parents in becoming self-sufficient while improving the… Read more