Jonathan from Los Angeles, CA

I'm a dad working in construction. I need a deposit for a used car to get to work.

Our car was totaled in a hit-and-run. Without it, I risk losing my job because I can't get to work. I need a down payment for a used car.


I am a 22-year old father. I currently work in construction and am the only breadwinner for my small family. My wife is currently pregnant and is due in September. What I make in construction is barely enough to make ends meet. Sadly, recently someone totaled our car in a hit and run outside of our home.

My goals are to get a car so I can keep my job, which is the only source of income we have. I would also use the car to continue taking my wife to her doctor visits.

I need to buy a car. I had been saving a little bit of money to get baby items but sadly will have to use it to be able to make a deposit for a used car.

Having a car will allow me to travel to work. Unfortunately, there is no public transportation service in the area where I work. Without a car, I will be at risk of losing my job and unable to pay for rent. My biggest fear is not having a home for our future daughter.

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Validated by Christina from LIFT-Los Angeles (What does this mean?)

Jonathan and his wife are both LIFT-LA members. When they first came to LIFT they were experiencing a difficult situation. They needed a place to live and a job. During that same time Jonathan also found out that his wife was pregnant. No matter how hard their situation was they never gave up, they always came to their LIFT meetings and would follow up on resources we found together. They now have a place to call home and Jonathan has a full-time job. Getting a car to go to work would help them continue on the road to having stability for their little family.

About Christina

I am a Member Service Fellow for LIFT-LA. My responsibilities include Member Management, I am the main liaison between the Members and the office. I identify Members’ needs and connect them to incoming resources. I create, implement, and manage programs to increase Member retention. As a Member… Read more

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