Ann from Nampa, ID

On the path to better health. I need to pay just one bill to receive the care I need.

I depend on regular healthcare visits and diabetes medication to survive, but I can't receive the treatment I need until I can pay a past bill.


Ann says, "Thank you everyone!" Sep 27, 2016

Ann's validator Teresa has shared with us this update from Ann, who's thankful for your help with her healthcare:

"I am so happy with the help of Benevolent and The Community Builder. I was able to get back to the doctor and now am on track with my diabetes medication. I was able to obtain employment and love my new job and the people I work with. For everyone who donated, this has been a blessing and I thank you so much."


I am a 56-year-old who has always worked, but found myself in a place whereI needed to seek a healthier work environment. I miss working and am doing all I can to gain employment, but first need to ensure that I have a solid foundation for better health.

My goals are to find employment, preferably in the food service industry, work hard, loose weight and get health insurance so I can continue to get the care I need to thrive. Since I started receiving treatment, my medication was cut in half, and I've had trouble accessing the care I need.

I have a existing medical bill that is ready to go to collections. I am a diabetic and need to go to the doctor regularly to stay healthy and active. Once I can pay this past bill, I will be able to get the medication and treatment I need.

Meeting this need will help me because it will help me get back on track, to be able get employment, health insurance, and go to the doctor. I hope to someday be off my diabetic medication all together.

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Validated by Teresa from Community Builder, Inc (What does this mean?)

Ann always comes in with a smile and positive attitude. I have known Ann for over a year since she has been using our community resource center to use our computers. I have been recently helping her reach her goals with obtaining a new job. We have helped her with her resume and job search. It would be very important to meet Ann's needs with her medical expenses and getting her diabetic medication. This will help to control her diabetes and better help her to secure employment in a positive environment.

About Teresa

I am the Executive/Program Director of the Community Builder, which is an all-volunteer organization that has a community resource center with computers with internet access basic computer, digital and financial literacy courses, one on one resume writing, free interview clothing, furnishing hope… Read more

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