Junior from Chicago, Illinois

Ready to apply for a job in manufacturing! I need steel-toed boots & a metrology kit.

If I can obtain these tools, I hope to utilize them in a lifelong, secure career as a CNC operator.


I am a student at Jane Addams Resource Corporation currently learning to program, set up, and operate a Computer Numerical Control machine.

My goals are to finish school and obtain my certifications in CNC so I can move forward with my career. When I was laid off from my last position after falling ill, my livelihood was greatly affected. I had a hard time securing employment without a more specialized skill set. That is where JARC came in.

Now I am almost ready to apply for jobs in the manufacturing field, but I could use a pair of steel-toed boots to protect my feet and a metrology kit to help me measure my parts. Tools like these make me standout and look professional to a company who may be looking to hire me.

Meeting this need would certainly help me on my path back to stability. It is also vital for landing a great job in manufacturing and will continue to help me be successful in my career. If I can obtain these tools, I hope to utilize them in a lifelong, secure career as a CNC operator.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Mallory from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

After being laid off, Junior made an important decision to apply for a JARC manufacturing training and advance his employment skills. Over the last five months, he has picked up the CNC technical skills with ease! He is a natural machinist. On top of that, he is a hardworking and independent student. With the right tools, I know Junior will snag a well paying job and soon be back in the swing of things!

About Mallory

Working as the CNC Program Coordinator for Jane Addams Resource Corp. is an extremely rewarding experience. My job allows me to come into the lives of individuals during a time of uncertainty and give them a clear path to a bright future. Along with manufacturing skills training, JARC assists its… Read more

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