PZ from Queens, New York

Single dad; I want to work but I need phone service to take call-backs from potential employers.

Because I'm unemployed, it can be hard to keep a phone active and keep in touch with employers. I want to find a career & provide for my daughter.


I am a 23 year old unemployed single father. I am open to working in a variety of career fields. I am currently a part of the Center Of Employment Opportunities Program.

My goal is to find employment doing something I love and can make a career out of. I also would love to invest in assets that I can watch grow and flourish into something that can generate residual income to change the world. I want to leave a legacy behind for my daughter to live on.

I need a phone that is in service so I can seek employment. Due to my financial situation it is troublesome to keep my phone connected. Therefore, I am unable to remain in contact with certain employers and career providers that are willing to hire me.

Meeting this need will help me because now I will be able to research employment opportunities and be contacted by employers without an issue. Therefore, once I am employed I will be able to maintain my own cell phone bill.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Probation Officer Swinton from NYC Department of Probation

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Probation Officer Swinton


Validated by Probation Officer Swinton from NYC Department of Probation (What does this mean?)

I have known PZ since approx. February 2019 at the New York City Department of Probation. While underneath my supervision I ensure that my clients are provided with the tools, services and resources to foster a positive change in his decision-making and behavior. Therefore, I have worked with PZ on trying to obtain meaningful employment, maintain a positive attitude and orientation and therapy services. PZ is very eager to be employed to help move through his Individualized Action Plan. Unfortunately, he does not have financial support to maintain his phone bill in order for employers to contact him. He has been placed in the Center For Employment Opportunities program where he is required to meet with his job coach on a weekly basis where he is trained to be "job start ready" and sent on interviews. During this time he is also given the opportunity to work at their transitional jobs sites which requires PZ to call in weekly for placement. PZ has not been able to maintain working at these sites due to his inability to keep his cell phone in service. It would be greatly appreciated if he can receive any help to get PZ one step closer to meaningful employment.

About Probation Officer Swinton

I am a Probation Officer whom works in the NEON (Neighborhood Opportunity Network) Unit. My work involves helping to build stronger and safer communities by supervising people on probation. My goal is to assist with the growth and development of our clients to move out of the Criminal Justice… Read more