Princess from Oakland, CA

I’m a mother, student & former foster youth. I need a laptop to study at home with my children

Currently, I have to use the library computers to study, which is difficult with my two small children. A laptop will allow me to study anywhere.


Thank you from Beyond Emancipation Jan 16, 2014

This note just arrived from Princess' validator, DeShauna:

Princess met her goal and she is very excited.
Princess is extremely thankful to the people that donated to help her get a laptop. We both agreed that it's helpful when people want to contribute to a need and with enough support, then need is met.
Princess feels good about starting the semester soon, with full access to a laptop.
Now she can finally focus in the comfort of her home.


I need a laptop for school. This includes a laptop to give me access to a computer when I am not at school. I can use the wifi, while I am at the library.

My goal is to successfully complete school with no barriers. Having access to a computer in a comfortable space (home) will allow me to do this.

My current situation is that I have two children that I care for. The only computer access that I have is at the local library and there is a time limit. Sometimes, its hard to bring children to such a quite place, so I would like to have computer access at home, for studying in the comfort of my home.

Meeting this need will help me because it will relieve so much stress. It will also give me the opportunity to have a laptop which is something that I have never had before. Although I will occasionally go to the library, it will be nice to know that I can also do research and homework from home.

I feel really good about meeting this goal and I will not give up. I look forward to having a safe space for studying.

I'm from Colorado Springs, but moved to California when I was 2. I live in Alameda with my sons. Something interesting about me is that anytime I set a goal, I do everything I can to meet it. I'm happiest when I am able to be myself. I'm most proud of being an amazing mother to my children.

I was apart of the foster care system most of my life. I have learned a lot about being in the foster care system, but it has taught me independence, life skills and more about surviving in my community. My goal is to become a nurse and I am enrolled for school this upcoming Spring 2014 school year.

I have two beautiful boys, one that was born this year and another one that starts Kindergarten next year. My children have changed my perspective of life and motivate me to strive for better.

Need funded!

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This need has been validated by DeShauna from Beyond Emancipation

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Validated by DeShauna from Beyond Emancipation (What does this mean?)

I met Princess about three years ago when she signed up for Beyond Emancipation services. At the time, Princess had one child and her main goal was to find stable housing for the both of them. A year later, Princess found housing and now lives happily in her very own place.

I think meeting this need is important because it will allow Princess to be resourceful in the comfort of her home. Finding childcare isn't always easy, so if Princess can avoid several trips to the library to get her studying done by having a laptop, this will make her feel a lot better about balancing her education and family.

Princess has gone on several job interviews and feels really good about the outcome. She is enrolled in school and also hopes to be working in January 2014.

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