Star from Detroit, MI

I am a grandmother transitioning out of homelessness and I need furniture

I have my own place now but it lacks furniture. I need furniture to complete my home so that when my grandkids visit they have somewhere to sit.


Thank You from Monica - Validator Jan 21, 2014

I was so excited to find out that Star's need had been met. She will have a real home experience now that her apartment is furnished. Thank you so much Benevolent for this outlet and to all donors, you must be Extraordinary People to give so freely; many returns...

Thank You from Star - recipient Jan 21, 2014

I feel blessed and honored to have people helping me  furnish my new apartment for me and my grandchildren. Thanks to all of you that helped me, I am very grateful. This proves true that there are people in this world willing to help those in need. I am jumping for JOY, may God Bless you all! 


I'm from Detroit and I live in Highland Park. I'm happiest when I'm with my family, mostly my grandchildren. I have three daughters and one son. I have three granddaughters and my first grandson will be here next year. I'm very excited. I'm most proud of transitioning out of homelessness and getting my life back together. Something interesting about me is I am very helpful and I love to help when I can. I am a loving and caring person. I love my church and think I am a very special person.

I need living room furniture and a dining room table. This includes chairs, a sofa and a coffee table. My goal is to obtain my GED in the near future. Getting a GED will better my chances of securing a job that will support my everyday needs. I just want to say that I am very thankful for having this chance to have someone help me with my living situation so I can be a little more comfortable at home.

My current situation is I lost my job and became homeless a few years back. I am slowly rebuilding my life with the help of COTS. I have my own place now, but it lacks furniture. While I love having a place to come home to, it is sometimes depressing to come home to an empty house. When my grandkids come to visit they have no where to sit or eat which deters them from wanting to visit.

Meeting this need will help me because it will lift my spirits and make my home complete. Getting furniture will help me be one step further in stabilizing my life and will allow me to focus on more important things like obtaining my GED.

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This need has been validated by Monica from Coalition On Temporary Shelter

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Validated by Monica from Coalition On Temporary Shelter (What does this mean?)

I met Star while she was a COTS shelter guest last November.  Star has a bright smile and was always so mild mannered.  It's been about a year now since I have been working with her.

Star's household consists of her and her disabled adult son.  She has moved into a nice apartment but only has bedroom furniture.  While trying to get her footings towards her and her son's education she has been uncomfortable not having anywhere to sit and relax except the bedroom.

That's no way to live for anyone especially if you are setting an atmosphere toward advancement.  She needs furniture to make her home complete.

Education hasn't been easy for Star and her son due to their disabilities.  Assistance in this area will be one less thing for them to worry about.

About Monica

I am a Case Planner for COTS Shelter Plus Care Program. My job includes assessing the needs of at risk consumers for the permanent supportive housing program. I provide case management, assist with resource, life skills, and support for individuals and families towards a life of self-sufficiency. … Read more