Paul from East SF Bay, CA

I need to get my bus operator certification to re-enter the workforce and help support my grandkids

I worked for the SF Muni before my life took a downward turn six years ago. I’m trying to get back on track and help out my family.


Thank you from the Fremont Family Resource Center Feb 5, 2014

Paul's validator, Roberto, has sent this note:

I am very grateful for the help to my client. This help meant a lot for himself his family and for his future. Many thanks to all contributors. Best Regards, Roberto


I need to be get clearance from an evaluator in order to become a bus operator again. This includes obtaining a certification (clearance) from the Department of Transportation and a substance abuse evaluation.

Meeting this need will help me because I'll be able to go back to the work force, find a place to live, and share with my kids and grandkids, and have a better way of life.

My goal is to seek permanent employment. Knowing that what I will get paid would allow me to pay for bills and contribute toward my grandchildren's needs and education due to absence of their fathers. Although now when they look up to me I'm not able to help or contribute.

Currently I'm homeless, staying on my sister's couch. My only source of income is State Disability, and that will end February 2014. I'm very concerned that after my only source of income ends, I would not have anything to survive on.

My current situation is I'm 60 years old, at this point of time. Looking back about 6 years ago, I was working for San Francisco Municipal Railway at the Potrero Division from 2002-2007. I was working as a bus operator and my life took a turn to the worse. I lost my wife, job, and very many things. For the past two years I've been in a homeless situation trying very hard to get my life back. I just want to life and been happy once again.

I'm from San Francisco, and I now live in Hayward, CA. Something interesting about me is that I like football and boxing. I'm happiest when things are going well. I'm most proud of myself when I am working on my life goals.

I have three sons, one daughter, and nine grandchildren. They mean the world to me! They also make me very proud and a happy man.

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This need has been validated by Roberto from Fremont Family Resource Center Corporation

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Validated by Roberto from Fremont Family Resource Center Corporation (What does this mean?)

We met when Paul attended our monthly SparkPoint information session. He was very enthusiastic to put his life back together during our assessment meeting a few days later, when we met face-to-face.

Paul is working very hard to complete his evaluation so he can stop being homeless and go back to the work force. Paul cannot afford to pay for his education/counseling on his own because he is on a fixed income. Getting his certification will help him and his kids and grandchildren to see a proud grandfather and live comfortably again.

Paul is a very kind person. I wish you could see him whenever he talks about going back to work. His face just lights up. I think meeting this need is important because he is very dedicated and committed to going back to work, stop being homeless, and enjoy time with his grandchildren.

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My job title is Financial Coach for SparkPoint-Fremont. I have been in this position for over a year now, assisting clients in developing financial goals, and creating action plans through one-on-one coaching sessions, and communicating with clients by engaging in active listening and critical… Read more