Hope from Inkster, MI

Secured housing after homelessness. Beds for my girls will provide them comfort

Two twin-sized beds with box springs and frames, as well as a set of sheets, pillows, and a comforter for each bed will give my girls a sense of hope.


Hope now has a beautiful room for 2 growing girls! Jul 21, 2014

Lindsey from Starfish Family Services sent us an amazing update and thank you message from Hope:

"The benevolent experience has been wonderful for Hope and her two daughters. Hope and I were able to purchase many bedroom items, including mattresses, sheets, pillows, and several accessories that make a young girls' bedroom feel like home. Hope was thrilled to be able to pick out coordinating bedroom sets for the girls and we even decided to set it all up as a surprise! Hope and I worked hard to set up all the purchases and surprise the girls when they returned home from a relative's house. The looks on their faces were priceless; I wish we would have gotten pictures! The girls are very excited for their new beds and have taken great pride in taking care of their new things. Offering these two young girls with all the bedroom accessories that make their room a sanctuary from the many challenges they face on a daily basis is truly something I will never forget. Hope and her daughters are very grateful for the Benevolent donations that have reached far beyond the physical items we purchased; they have provided a sense of safety and security that simply cannot be measured. Thank you!!"


My name is Hope and I'm from Detroit. I have 2 daughters, ages 11 and 5. They are my entire world and make me very proud because they have kept a sense of humor through all the challenges we have faced over the last year. As a family, we love to color and do art activities. I am happiest when they are happy. Aside from spending time with my girls, I am interested in fashion and home decorating and am most proud of my determination to make a better life for my family. I'm also very proud of my kids because they have kept a sense of humor through all the challenges we have faced over the last year.

My goal is to have healthy and happy children. I want my girls to be successful in school and life. Giving them their own places to rest, relax and be kids again will allow them to focus on what is needed to accomplish these goals instead of where they will be sleeping at night.

My daughters and I have been homeless for the past year. About a year ago, I lost my housing and soon after lost my car. This has made getting, and keeping, a job very challanging. We have had to move several times during this year, staying with various friends and family along the way. Keeping my daughters in school and healthy has been my main priority, and a challenge, while searching for a place to call our own. I'm happy to report that recently, we did find permanent housing and we're super excited! My daughters have been sleeping on couches and the floor for the majority of this past year so I am hoping to get them each a bed so they can feel comfortable and stable in our new home. With this move, and your support, I can start focusing on becoming financially stable again knowing that my girls have a safe and consistent place to live and sleep. I never thought I'd be stuck like this. I've always had my own place and car but due to some unfortuate circumstances, that were out of my control, things spiraled downward leaving me and my daughters homeless. As a single parent I am working really hard to teach my daughters how to do the right thing and never give up. I want them to see that by working hard and being a good people things can turn around and life can get better.

If this need is met it will give my girls a sense of hope and that things can turn around if you work hard and are patient. It will also give my family the consistency and stability that we have been wanting for a very long time. When I know my children are safe I will be able to focus on obtaining new employment and then transportation to help our financial stability. Meeting this need will get me one step closer to focus on just that.

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This need has been validated by Lindsey from Starfish Family Services

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Validated by Lindsey from Starfish Family Services (What does this mean?)

I met Hope when she enrolled her youngest daughter in services about six months ago. The family had gone through many changes and transitions over the previous six months andHope was looking for some support and guidance to assist her children to adjust to the many challanges they had faced.

I think meeting this need is important because all children need consistency and stability to be healthy and productuve children. When a child experiences chronic stress, the way Hope's children have, there can be many negative implications- from physical health to mental health and behavioral concerns. Every child deserves a safe and predictable palce to rest their head after a long day of school and homework. Helping Hope's daughters get their own beds will allow Hope to focus her attention on other needs the family has and work toward her goals of getting a job and transportaion for the family.

Hope is a kind and generous woman. While it was challanging for her to openly ask for assistance, she knew it was the best thing for her daughter's well-being. Hope wants to make a better life for her children and truely believes that offering them their own space in their new home will be very meaningful to the whole family.

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