Perry from Chicago, IL

I'm a single dad excited to work in manufacturing. I need gear to make it happen!

I need steel toed boots, a metrology kit and protective eye glasses to jump-start my career in manufacturing and, ultimately, support my son.


Perry has his work gear! Jul 28, 2014

Perry wanted to show his Benevolent donors the brand new work gear he just picked up!

Perry wanted to say "Thank you!" Jul 25, 2014

He says, "I would like to thank everyone that made my funding happen. This is a direct help to me and my career. I appreciate your consideration. The Benevolent supporters surely are one of the good things in life! Thank you!"


I am a single father with a seven year old son. I had been working at a coffee shop for five years when my mother became terminally ill. I took off a couple weeks to care for my mother and was fired. Since then I have started studying in the CNC program at JARC to become a machine operator.

I enjoy working with my hands and creating products. My goal is to learn machine operating, start a new career in manufacturing and eventually open up my own manufacturing design business.

I need a few things to help jump start my career in manufacturing. A pair of steel toed boots, a metrology kit and protective eye glasses will help me move into the field of manufacturing.

Meeting this need will help me because most jobs require you to have your own metrology kit and steel toed boots prior to starting on your first day. Gaining employment in the field of manufacturing will allow me to get my own apartment so that my son can stay with me on the weekends and I can support him.

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Need funded!

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Validated by Emily from Jane Addams Resource Corporation (What does this mean?)

Perry originally came to JARC for our career management course which he successfully completed. The instructor recommended Perry for the CNC Fast Track Program, and after interviewing him, I knew he would be a good candidate. I enrolled Perry in the CNC program about two months ago. He came to us after being fired for caring for his terminally ill mother but was positive enough to move forward. Perry has had perfect attendance in the program, has gained his forklift license and a manufacturing industry credential. I see a bright future for him in manufacturing and I know that this little bit of help will really help him move forward towards obtaining his goals.

About Emily

My job title is Employment Services Manager. I have been at Jane Addams Resource Corporation since June 2010. My work involves preparing JARC's Manufacturing Program trainees for work by assisting with resume and cover letter writing, mock interviews and other work readiness barriers. What I like… Read more

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