James from Berkeley, CA

Trained in Solar Installation; Tools will show employers I'm serious about work

My goal is to obtain a full-time job in this rewarding career path. Proper tools will show my dedication to the field.


I am a mature adult entering into the field of Solar Installation. I have worked part-time for one of the oldest Solar Installation companies in California.

My goals are to obtain full time employment in a company that installs and promotes solar energy. I feel renewable energy, such as Solar, offers security and independence from the reliance on fossil fuels that are finite.

I need several tools to become proficient in the trade as a Solar Installer. Solar companies expect employees to have the proper tools when they show up to work. Solar is growing in California, so the opportunity is rich to obtain work in this rewarding field.

Meeting this need will help me because without the proper tools, I cannot perform the necessary tasks to install Solar modules. Without tools, I will not be able to get hired and do my job.

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Need funded!

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This need has been validated by Melvin from Rising Sun Energy Center

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Validated by Melvin from Rising Sun Energy Center (What does this mean?)

I met James in March of 2014 as I was doing recruitment for our up and coming cohort which began in April. I accepted James into the program because of his love and knowledge of energy conservation. James exceeded the expectations of the program and was the only participant to receive the "Perfect Attendance Award." He dedicated himself to the training program and gain the knowledge to become ready for employment. As his case manger I assisted James with his resume, housing goals, and professional skills development. We have completed several mock interviews where I have taught him certain skills to make him presentable to an employer. James has completed all tasks asked of him including applying for jobs in person and on the computer. Through his efforts he has obtained employment as an part time Solar Installer and is seeking tools that he will be using on the job daily.

About Melvin

My job title is Case Manager. My work involves helping individuals become job ready by helping them with any personal challenges they come across before they get employed and after. I assists my clients with their resume, interview skills, and transportation needs. What I like about my job is that… Read more