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I am a Probation Officer in the Domestic Violence Unit for NYC Department of Probation. My work involves reducing recidivism by conducting assessments, creating Individual action plans, and implementing responsive interventions with each client. As a supervision officer, I supervise clients by having office visits, conducting home and program visits. I also co-facilitate a Batterers Intervention program. The job can be a bit challenging but very rewarding. My goal and hope is to help clients by teaching them to be accountable and giving them tools that may help them change their harmful behavior.


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The New York City Department of Probation helps build stronger and safer communities by working with and supervising people on probation, fostering positive change in their decision-making and behavior, and expanding opportunities for them to move out of the criminal and juvenile justice systems… More

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Darren from Brooklyn, NY

Father of three, looking for work. I need a laptop to apply for jobs regularly.

I have experience in food service, but I've had a very hard time applying for work off of my phone. A laptop would be a big help! More

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