Karena Nelson

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Funded on 6/6/2020

John from new york, new york

Recently started a maintenance job. Work gear will help me toward my own apartment!

I'm a single father; I want to support my son and find my own place to live. Work pants, boots, and shirts will help me settle in to my new job. More

Validated by PO Valdez from NYC Department of Probation

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Funded on 6/30/2020

KC from New York, New York

With help for tuition, I'll train as an EMT technician and support my kids!

I'm a single mother and I want to start working in an essential career. I have some savings but not enough to cover the training tuition. More

Validated by Verona from NYC Department of Probation

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Funded on 6/11/2020

Willie from Brooklyn, New York

I've been inspired by my neighborhood garden to study agriculture. I need a laptop!

I have a dream of opening up neighborhood gardens in the communities around me. I need a laptop to study as I major in agriculture. More

Validated by Verona from NYC Department of Probation

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Funded on 6/3/2020

Leon from Chicago, Illinois

With help making a down payment I can get a used car and work as a driver.

I lost my car in an accident out of my control. I was a medical transport driver for 3 years; with help I'll be able to get a used car & work again! More

Validated by Chantal from Inspiration Corporation

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Funded on 7/21/2020

Rico from Brooklyn, NY

Father of two. With your help I can make a career cleaning and detailing cars!

I'm passionate for cars & enrolled in automotive school. To start my upholstery work/detailing business, I need a power washer, car buffers, etc. More

Validated by PO Payoute from NYC Department of Probation

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