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Funded on 7/8/2014

Gary from Chicago, IL

Proudly transitioned from homelessness; I need basic household items for stability.

I was homeless for over 2 years. Essential household items will allow me to call this new place home, move forward and feel like a whole person again. More

Validated by Jackie from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Funded on 7/29/2014

Melissa from Inkster, MI

Working again after losing my job 4 yrs ago! I need beds for my growing teenagers.

I'm a single mom raising two teenage boys and a young girl I recently took in. I just started working again but can't purchase beds for everyone with my budget. More

Validated by Trisha from Starfish Family Services

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Funded on 7/29/2014

Nikki from Detroit, MI

Working to rebuild after losing my job. Clothing and beds for my family will help us move forward.

I lost my job and shortly after my husband left me. I'm doing my best to provide for my family while I look for employment. More

Validated by Paula from Black Family Development

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Funded on 7/8/2014

Yale from Chicago, IL

I'm proud to have overcome homelessness! A computer will open countless doors for me.

I'm working towards my GED, but I don't have access to a computer to finish my coursework (my house is far from school and the library). More

Validated by George from Inspiration Corporation

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Funded on 2/24/2015

Marie from Chicago, IL

I'm working full time to provide for my son. I need to fix the heat in my car.

I don't make enough to be able to fix my car's heat. It doesn't work at all and I need to keep my son from getting sick in Chicago's cold winter. More

Validated by Paloma from Chicago Children's Advocacy Center

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Funded on 1/12/2014

Preness from Berkeley, CA

I’m a veteran living in a shelter. I need a tablet to help with my job & independence

I couldn't work due to injuries in my shoulder and leg. Now I’m in training to do security. I need a tablet for my training and to get more hours. More

Validated by Lauren from Berkeley Food and Housing Project

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Funded on 1/8/2014

Mitchell from Chicago, IL

I'm a dad newly housed after 5 yrs of homelessness; I need the basics to further my self-sufficiency

Now that I have a safe place to live, I can start working towards my goals: education & employment. I need furniture & kitchenware to move forward. More

Validated by Abby from Chicago Lights: Elam Davies Social Service Center

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Funded on 12/31/2013

Lisa from Evanston, IL

I am a working single mom; I need beds and mattresses for my twins

I'm a single hard-working parent. My twins, boy & girl, are getting bigger by the second & need sturdy beds to sleep safely, comfortably & separately. More

Validated by Sizzy from Childcare Network of Evanston

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Funded on 12/18/2013

Dominique from Chicago, IL

I'm a single parent on disability; I need furniture for myself and my daughters

I'm on a fixed income and can't afford furniture. Meeting this need will give my girls a place to sleep and help our apartment feel like a home. More

Validated by Eleanor from Inspiration Corporation

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Funded on 9/15/2013

Norma from Evanston, IL

I'm a domestic abuse survivor and need a few items to make my kids and my house a home

Bunk beds with mattresses, dresser drawers, and an air conditioner will help my kids and me get a good night's rest More

Validated by Tracy from Childcare Network of Evanston

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Funded on 3/3/2013

Leo from Chicago, IL

Need a driver's license to be considered for jobs

I'm looking for work and need to pay fees to get my license back. I've interviewed with employers who say if I get my license they can consider me. More

Validated by Latosha from Heartland Alliance

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Funded on 7/25/2013

Marie from Chicago, IL

Widow & mother of 3, I need welding gear to show employers I am prepared for the job

My goal is to get my welding certification, find a job, and support my 3 kids. It's hard to provide for them when I'm not working full time. More

Validated by Emily from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Funded on 1/25/2013

Clifford from Evanston, IL

I'm a father and need a bed for myself and my daughter

We have been sleeping on the floor, and my daughter has been sick. My goal is to eventually move into my own apartment, and she will have a bed. More

Validated by Jennifer from Childcare Network of Evanston

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Funded on 1/18/2013

Darrel from Los Angeles, CA

Getting back on my feet and I want to provide clothing for my three children

By providing for my children I will take another step down the path of responsibility and strengthen our relationship despite our family's hard times. More

Validated by Jo from PATH

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Funded on 1/17/2013

Clifford from Rapid City, SD

Getting required surgery in another state; need my daughters to travel with me to care for me

I need transportation and lodging for my family to accompany me to Omaha for surgery. The closest hospital for my surgery is a 1200 mile round trip. More

Validated by Ron from Life Initiatives

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