My job title is Writer for Speak Up Magazine. My work involves reporting on Charlotte events, writing up profiles on the vulnerably housed vendors, connecting with new vendors and supporting current staff, volunteers, and vendors. What I like about my job is I get to meet and befriend individuals who I never would have gotten the chance to meet.


Speak Up Magazine Speak Up Magazine
Our mission: To produce a “street magazine” that provides a source of income for vulnerably-housed people and increases public conversation by covering issues of homelessness, poverty and social justice.

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Funded on 12/25/2013

Rodney from Charlotte, NC

I'm a student at Strayer Univ. I need help with class fees for my BA in Business Administration.

I'm on a payment plan but I need help with 1/2 the class fee. When I pass, I'll qualify for financial aid for the rest of my classes toward my BA. More

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Funded on 12/30/2013

Andrea from Charlotte, NC

I'm working hard to stabilize my income & need to accept credit cards to increase sales

I'm a magazine vendor. Many customers don't carry cash, so I need a tablet, credit card reader, and internet hot spot to accept credit card payments. More

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Funded on 5/28/2015

Ruth from Charlotte, NC

My landlord wouldn't turn on the hot water. I need a security deposit for a new home.

I've found a room where I can afford the monthly rent on the income from my 3 jobs. I need help with a security deposit to move in. More

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