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Funded on 7/21/2021

Cindy from Detroit, MI

Disabled single mom to 6; I need beds, linens, and furniture for my home.

My husband passed in the pandemic. Without him, I'm fighting to keep my family stable; with beds we will have more of a home to live in. More

Validated by Paula from Black Family Development

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Funded on 1/1/0001

Bobby from Chicago, IL

Formerly homeless; I'm ready to start a business. I just need help to get a license.

I finally feel like a real person now that I have housing. I want to start a painting business; with help to pay fees, I can get a license & a truck. More

Validated by Emily from Inspiration Corporation

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Funded on 11/23/2018

Frankie from Caldwell, Idaho

I found housing for myself and my son! Need help with security deposit to move in.

I just need a little more to cover our first month's rent & deposit. I am grateful that we can now afford to live on our own again. More

Validated by Dawn from Community Builder, Inc

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Funded on 2/12/2015

Greg from Chicago, IL

I'm a single father learning the welding trade. I need equiment for my job search

Providing for my kids' needs is the #1 priority in my life. So I need a skilled job to provide for them. Welding gear will get me that job. More

Validated by Dan from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Funded on 12/18/2014

Eric from Chicago, IL

Housed & in college after homelessness! Just need household items to get settled.

After 9 yrs of homelessness, I'm now on a path for success! These items will enable me to be self-sufficient and allow me to focus on my goals. More

Validated by Margaret from North Side Housing and Supportive Services

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Funded on 12/11/2014

Mike from Berkeley, CA

I'm moving to my 1st home with my son! Furniture will help us during this transition.

After living in homeless shelters, my son and I are heading to our first apartment. I just need help with some final items to begin our new life! More

Validated by andre from Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS)

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Funded on 12/27/2013

Monique from Chicago, IL

I am a mom training for a better job; I need furniture to make my family's house a home

I'm in school to get a stable full time job. My kids need a bed for sleeping & a dining table for family time while we all work towards our goals. More

Validated by Paloma from Chicago Children's Advocacy Center

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Funded on 12/25/2014

Marcus from Detroit, MI

I'm a Marine veteran & father of 5. Beds will make sure my kids rest comfortably.

I pride myself on taking care of my children & making sure they have a stable home. I need help with beds to get my children and I off the floor. More

Validated by Chaunise from Wayne County-Detroit Disability Network

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Funded on 12/25/2013

Rodney from Charlotte, NC

I'm a student at Strayer Univ. I need help with class fees for my BA in Business Administration.

I'm on a payment plan but I need help with 1/2 the class fee. When I pass, I'll qualify for financial aid for the rest of my classes toward my BA. More

Validated by Noah from Speak Up Magazine

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Funded on 12/29/2013

Leslie from Chicago, IL

In an entry-level job but want to become a manager. I need a laptop to improve my skills.

A laptop will improve my computer competency & increase my chances of getting a promotion. I could also use it to help my son with his homework. More

Validated by Lauren from The Cara Program

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Funded on 12/26/2013

Jose from Chicago, IL

I'm ready to start interviewing for welding jobs; I need safety equipment to work.

I've been studying to become a welder for months and the proper equipment will help to prepare me for interviews and to start my welding career! More

Validated by Emily from Jane Addams Resource Corporation

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Funded on 12/30/2013

Andrea from Charlotte, NC

I'm working hard to stabilize my income & need to accept credit cards to increase sales

I'm a magazine vendor. Many customers don't carry cash, so I need a tablet, credit card reader, and internet hot spot to accept credit card payments. More

Validated by Noah from Speak Up Magazine

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Funded on 12/26/2013

Cassie from Chicago, IL

I'm moving to a new apartment and starting school; I need furniture for my family

My kids and I spent a year without furniture and now that we're able to move into an apartment of our own, I need to make my home family friendly. More

Validated by Tiffany from The Children's Place Association

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Funded on 12/31/2013

Sarafina from Chicago, IL

I'm a mom dreaming about a future with a GED & a job; my family needs beds & a table to move forward

I'm working to find employment and get my GED to eventually have a career in culinary arts. I need two beds and a dinning room table for my family. More

Validated by Paloma from Chicago Children's Advocacy Center

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Funded on 12/25/2013

Leo from Santa Ana, CA

I'm trained in construction. Now I need transportation to take advantage of an apprenticeship

I just finished a Construction Training Program. Now I need help buying a dependable, used vehicle to get to work so I can take an AGC apprenticeship. More

Validated by David from Taller San Jose

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