My job title is MSW Intern/Advocate. 

My work at LIFT involves working one-on-one with low-income and struggling community members toward finding employment, housing, public benefits, legal services, child care, health care, and a variety of other services, improving and enhancing the member service experience via specially-designed employment workshops and task groups and engaging in community outreach, strengthening referral partnerships, and analyzing and reporting success and progress of member goals. 

What I like about my job is being with people. I have already had the humbling opportunity to engage in a great deal of one-on-one meetings with adults from an extensive range of demographic identifiers. Because of the organizational structure of LIFT, what happens in each member meeting frequently echoes what happens in the therapy room. Often the people who walk through LIFT's door have known little of what it feels like to be treated with attention and respect; I strive to make these individuals feel seen and heard. I have been frequently reminded that what every person needs is someone to listen, someone to be with them while they attempt to manage their lives. The essential purpose of being with people as they navigate hardships, challenges, and the complex demands of our culture is exactly that: to be with them, in the hope that a collaborative relationship allows them to feel less alone, and thus allows them to stand more steadily and less fearfully in the face of their own unique combination of external struggles and internal longings for change.


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LIFT’s mission is to help community members achieve economic stability and well-being. We are working to establish a new standard for holistic and enduring solutions in our country’s fight against poverty.

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My family recently suffered a tragedy – I need to relocate my family for us to move forward

Doctors say it's a miracle my daughter is alive (not to mention mentally intact)! To continue healing & moving forward, we must move to a safer place. More

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