Pastor Harris

My job title is Senior Pastor of The Total Life Church. My work involves helping people improve their quality of life by Coaching and Mentoring them through life-challenges that impede personal growth. My aim is to utilize positive Coaching and Mentoring to assist those who come to me to help bring their natural, soul, and spiritual beings to congruence that they might live synergistically and enhance their effectiveness and happiness in life. My hierarchy of impact is life success in a persons humanity, relationships, stewardship, discipleship, service, outreach, lifestyle, and attitude.

What I like about my job is that I get to see and help people break past the fears and obstacles in their lives and conquer things they never imagined possible. True empowerment manifesting in people's lives that brings about improvement and change is what makes me most joyful about the work I do!

I have been in this line of work for over 20 years. I have helped hundreds of people change their lives and can testify to such. I am not just a Theologically Trained Minister but also a University of Michigan graduate in Psychology, Sociology and Criminal Justice which helps my Coaching approach effect a much wider range of impact and people.


Total Life Christian Ministries, Inc. Total Life Christian Ministries, Inc.
The mission of TLC is to PURSUE the life of Christ, PRODUCE this life in men and MINISTER this life to the world.

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Leda from Detroit, MI

I've been offered a research job. Glasses & laptop will help me build hours + earn income

A laptop will allow me to do the work required of me for longer than an hour at the library. Prescription glasses will help me see better. More

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Pastor Harris

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