My job title is Family Liaison, which means I have the pleasure of knowing the families on a personal level while I learn about all the amazing accomplishments they have been able to achieve.

Families meet with me once every three months in order for me to learn more about what new goals they have set for themselves, what challenges they've faced, who has been an influential part of their success as well as how they are able to overcome adversity in the communities they live in.

I've been with FII for over 2 years and allowing families to advocate for themselves is an innate quality that my parents ingrained in me, which is why I love when families are able to take the reigns of their lives and steer it towards success.


Family Independence Initiative (San Francisco) Family Independence Initiative (San Francisco)
The Family Independence Initiative is in the information business. We enable America to see the power and potential of low-income families, and enable families to come together, and access the resources they want to thrive. We seek to catalyze: A marketplace of opportunity and investment for… More

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Linda from San Francisco, CA

A lighter vacuum will help me clean houses faster and support my family better.

It is difficult to work quickly with the vacuum I use now. With my own vacuum I will I finish faster & be able to support my kids' education. More

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